Freesound API documentation

Welcome to the Freesound API docs!

With the Freesound API you can browse, search, and retrieve information about Freesound users, packs, and the sounds themselves of course. You can also find similar sounds to a given target (based on content analysis) and retrieve automatically extracted features from audio files.

Important information

We are in the process of releasing a new version of the Freesound API which we call APIv2. APIv2 is currently deployed as beta and might not be completely reliable. Documentation for APIv2 is not yet complete although you will find some examples in the APIv2 resources page and you can use the browseable API ( to learn most of the stuff you will need.

The APIv2 brings many new features such as OAuth2 authentication, sound uploads and improved search options. The release date for APIv2 is scheduled for May/June 2014, but once APIv2 is released we will still maintain APIv1 for at least half a year. We will announce all related news in our mailing list


APIv1 documentation:

APIv2 documentation:

Analysis documentation (for APIv1 and APIv2) :

API client libraries (for APIv1 and APIv2):