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    searchTextXML.php changed?

    until some days ago searchTextXML.php gave me back a list of sample elements with id attribute.
    now I got only the number of results...
    has it changed is anser?

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    apologies... here I was thinking no-one used it anymore.

    I.e. we added: "order", "start" (0, ...) and "limit" (nr of results returned)

    the XML now also returns the number of total items:

    <freesound nresults="339">
    <sample id="33210"/>
    <sample id="1411"/>
    <sample id="42907"/>
    <sample id="42906"/>
    <sample id="527"/>
    <sample id="42901"/>

    Here are the orders:

    const ORDER_DEFAULT = 0;
    const ORDER_DOWNLOADS_ASC = 2;
    const ORDER_USERNAME_DESC = 3;
    const ORDER_USERNAME_ASC = 4;
    const ORDER_DATE_DESC = 5;
    const ORDER_DATE_ASC = 6;
    const ORDER_DURATION_DESC = 7;
    const ORDER_DURATION_ASC = 8;
    const ORDER_FILEFORMAT_ASC = 10;

    hope that helps,

    Please let me know at support AT freesound DOT org what your email address is so we can add you to our to-be-created freesound-api mailing list.

    - bram

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