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    Add Photos, text, sampler files etc. to sample packs?

    Hi all,
    I think it would be cool to be able to add a smallish non-audio folder to sample packs that could contain documentation,
    sampler program files or photos. That way you could have pictures of a location where you made a field-recording to complete the experience, or make that huge multisample you made of your rare dublieskarp actually useful to somebody else, instead of just wasting server space and boosting your upload count wink Or, if your the technically minded type you could
    have detailed documentation of your sounds available as a seperate txt or word file. Just my thought.

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    I think what we really need is a more robust description system. You can have rich formatting and plenty of line breaks in your profile, but not in your file descriptions!

    Also, there is a crossover with flickr to allow people to post their sample-related photos.

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