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    Here's a dreamy atmospheric loop at 90bpm, made only from samples

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    here'a my trial, at 120 bpm
    made with samples by quartertone (both processed)
    #137346 = BassDrum-22x16-Open-multisampled
    #134650 = FloorTom18x16-multisampled
    and my sample #34852 = boing_01

    the B version has a final (reversed) tomtom shot by quartertone
    #129587 = Tomtom10x08inch-multisampled

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    Hi everyone

    I am still away on holiday and I have been without means to access the internet for the last week.
    Planning to kick off another dare challenge when I am back next week.
    Also made some recodings while on holiday which I will try to upload to Freesound...

    hmmmm..... erm..... I forgot...