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    So sorry

    Hey guys,
    I know I'm long overdue on my reviews and comments for the previous dares.
    Unfortunately, the backlog has been so huge that I am probably not going to remember all the compositions and it will take even more time to listen to them all and comment on them, so I won't be able to do them. (If you read this and still think I ought to review one of your pieces I haven't already, leave me a message, and I promise I will review yours and get back to you with it).
    I hope you can forgive me for that.

    Hope all the dare users are doing fine, though!
    What's been new in the past month or so while this place was quiet?

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    Hi afleetingspeck,

    I am hoping to kick off another dare in September.

    The new job left me with no time in the evenings to do my music related stuff. There was also quite a lot of traveling early on.

    Now I am going away on holiday for a couple of weeks. I imagine many other daring freesounders are also on holiday smile

    hmmmm..... erm..... I forgot...

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