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    Dare 24 - Dareoween

    Gosh, time flies doesn't it? Halloween is upon us again and we must do our annual Halloween dare, right?

    I thought about something simple: I have started logging te sound of the day a few days ago and we will all be challenged to do a scary music using the samples of the day, starting from 24/oct.
    So you get 8 samples, and you are allowed one more bonus sample (any sound you want from Freesound).
    So take the 8 samples of the day (plus the bonus sound, if you want to use one) and you have the whole of Nov to create your scary music piece.

    Before anyone asks: processing of the samples is allowed.

    Today's sample (26-oct), is a really beauty !

    As usual, enter by posting on this thread with a link to your music piece.
    The actual music file to be uploaded to Soundcloud and you must give attribution there for the sounds you have used.
    For anything that is not posting an entry, please use the discussion thread.

    Here is the list of samples of the day that we will be allowed to use (this will be updated more or less dauly up to 31-Oct)


    deadline for entries is 30/Nov, 10pm GMT time.

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    so what happens after th3 31ist?

    "Shock Lord" - Its Shocking
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    Well, then you should start working on your musical composition.

    By the way, this thread is for posting your entries only.
    For questions and discussions, use this thread

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    All sounds are now known. Time to start working!
    Please make sure you read and understood the rules. Also please note the deadline.

    For questions, please use this other thread:

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    It's been some time since I participated in a freesound dare. I'm glad they're still happening.

    Here's my entry for Dare 24 - Dr. Tarrec and the Ghosts of the Copper Scroll

    thanks for the fun.

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    hello! here is mine

    and the bonus sound:

    EDIT: I shared the processed sounds:


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    very nice, DavicNod.

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    Here is mine

    Want to Request a sound? For small requests please message me here. Please clearly state the emotion you want for your request and attach all lines within the email. I am currently behind on requests, but will try to get to everyone's as quickly as I can. Also if you are requesting a simple sound through email it WILL be uploaded here for others to use. Want to work with me? Do you have a project you want to work on and like my voice? I am honored to work on both paid and nonpaid work with credit given. Please message me instead on my fanpage on facebook located here: Doing this will help me keep my personal email and freesounds pm's less clustered. Also doing this will keep me from posting your files on here (unless you specifically give me permission to do so)
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    I thought I'd never get this finished, and I almost gave up on many occasions, but it kept drawing me back in. The usual gloomy drone stuff I do, and far from perfect. Very tough dare, but here it is.

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    Oops here is my dare

    I posted it in the discussion thread wink

    releasetheraven . . .
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    Don't think will get a chance to finish this. So this is the final iteration.

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    Hi everyone,

    I know I'm coming in at the final hour (the witching hour?) with my entry, here goes:

    my additional sample can be found here:

    Note that I have used effects and sliced up various elements of the samples to produce my track. Essentially, the track is the product of the 8 selected samples and my own addition. No other sound samples were used. I would point out that one particular effect I used is a warping effect and drags the sample through various feedback chambers... it can get rather scary which I though appropriate ^_^

    Thanks for flying by guys and hope you had fun with this dare. See you at the next one smile


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    Here is my entrie for this dare.... I hope just in time... smile

    I left most of the samples as they came... they were so nice!
    All samples had somthing wierd/spooky, I thried to make most of that existing quality.
    Only added some reverb on some samples and some stretching to make things fit.
    I used this for a bonus sample:

    This was a nice one... now Im going to listen what you all came up with.... smile

    Record all the crap you can!! doesnt matter if it sounds like shit.
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    OK everyone posting to close the dare and to make my entry.
    This certainly ended up a very wierd and fluid piece and was absolute fun to create - even if at times I struggled to find the time to work on it.

    If you missed it -> A 2 new Dares are already open!
    Check the Dare the Community Forum.

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    This information is interesting, thank you for sharing.

    Good luck to you!

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