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    (HL2 subvertus) mod project looking for sound designers

    Hi all,
    first off is any of you guys actualy interested in helping out a Half-Life 2 mod? If not don't bother to read on :roll:

    We just started 3 weeks ago and are looking for people that want to join our dedicated team. This project could be a jumpstart for starting sounddesigners (so you can place it in your portofolio if your looking for a real job)

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.

    -- Robert Frost

    It all began with the Climate Controller. The Combine installed it in hopes
    of controlling Earth's climate for future use. But things went awry, not
    expecting the chaotic nature of Earth's weather patterns, the Controller
    caused parts of the planet to be scorched into bone-dry deserts while
    plunging others into an endless winter. But in some places the Controller
    worked, keeping places at a steady temperature and keeping storm
    systems away, such as City 17.

    Half-Life 2weirdubvertus is a mod based in frozen wastelands of Europe. You
    start off in the boots of John Hayes , a ordinary rebel stationed in an
    outpost deep inside the frozen wastelands. You wake up and begin your
    day. Getting orders to ambush a Combine patrol, you prepare to head
    out, but that plan comes to an end quickly...


    Your job will be mainly existing from creating ambient sounds, songs,
    weaponsounds, etc... also being able voice-acting :lol: :wink: would be a huge plus...

    If you are interested, jump by at our forum and leave a message
    (tasks will be given once your in the dev team)
    full credit will be given!!!

    grtz Marnamai lead-leveldesigner

    If you have any questions mail me @

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    "Your job will be mainly existing from creating ambient sounds, songs,
    weaponsounds, etc... "

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    are there other places where I can try to recruit sound design people? link plz?

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    There are sound designers at freesound, but I guess most of them are usually paid for their work. I think it would be a great project for some of the less professional sound enthusiasts who lurk round here, but i'm guessing the original post may have put some folks off. We had this issue recently with a Drum n Bass composer looking for some collaboration, his post was quite specific and somewhat demanding, which seemed to get a lot of the freesounders a little wound up. Certain kinds of requests can be taken the wrong way even though it wasn't intended, at which point threads can take a somewhat negative course, or as in your case, not replyed to at all. I hope i'm proved wrong and you get loads of responses :wink:

    It reads like unless you're into half life, don't bother (sound designers have *many* different briefs)

    and you put it across as a " applying for a job" with no pay, so where's the incentive?

    good, respectful communication will get you everywhere you know!

    btw, hope this doesn't come across in the wrong light, just trying to point out a couple reasons why you may not have had a response. Good luck with your project smile


    oh yeah, how about searching the database for sounds you like and approaching the designers that way? you never know........

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    Harri I'm not sure you fully understand how the mod community works hence your post. I think it's great that Marnamai is out exploring avenues in searching for a sound designer. Most sound guys in mods either are very inexperienced (nothing wrong with that) or are simply re-hashing the original game sounds or using sounds from other games. Almost all of the teams working on mods do it for free so that the mod can be given out freely. It's only wise that Marnamai visit freesound as it shows that people are looking at this site for more than ten million samples of a synthesizer. Consider it a compliment.

    Also asking for something specific is what you're supposed to do, as opposed to something very vague that always gets flamed. The more detailed and specific your help wanted request is the better and shows some professionalism.

    Wish I could help out more Marnamai but I'm busy working away on Iron Grip : The Oppression and The Hidden : Source...both HL2 Mods.

    Best of luck!

    Sonic Sound Designer :: Bioware :: Pandemic
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    thx for both replies (made me a lot wiser smile )
    I totaly agree with Harri's post that most mod teams just use a redo of sounds ... (but thats not what I had in mind for this mod)
    So my best chance is to contact a sound designer and ask him to work at our project, telling him/her my specific needs (mood/sound/what instruments/etc...)
    Its cool to see that Sonic works for 2 really good and promising HL2 mods grin
    I wich I had that too...

    btw: the "job" part is just an expression... nobody in our team gets paid and we all do it at free will, because we all have a common idea that we wanna realize

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    you learn something new everyday!

    ok, most days....


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    Hi, I'm Something, and Co-Leader for this project.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Also, we are in need for voice actors the most. Though there will be sound effects you need to do to help our new weapons for realistic.

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    im willing to voice act, I have played lead in several plays and have done voice acting before

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    Drop by on our forum and leave a message (with contact info) ... Can you also post a sample from voiceacting stuff you did before?
    So we can see if your voice fits in the game :wink: but thanx anyway for the offer

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