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    I have the sound wave image I need; but have been unable to find a good image of a whistling tea kettle / teapot (preferred) or a locomotive steam whistle actively screaming. If you can provide me with this image; please post on Picassa or other freely-accessible web image provider and post a reply here. Thanks! Deadline for my project is Oct 1, 2008

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    It is not necessary to have it on both places, it would make more sense if the userpage showed only the latest 5 or so, then a link to a list with all files (the deviantART system). I don't know how much of this will still be present in the upcoming site change though.

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    Have you all noticed how there are 2 places where you can find your uploads? On your 'view user' page and in a seperate section 'files XXX added', where XXX is the user's name. Is the 'files XXX added' section necesary? I would appreciate a reply again from site admin as to why they think that it is

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    Can someone explain why it is that when I download a sample pack, the files contained within it are not shown in my ‘files I downloaded?’ For example, I recently downloaded London Underground by Limitedheadroom - hope I spelt it right!, smile
    but the files don't show in my downloads. The upshot of this is, that whilst I downloaded the pack, the files still show ‘0 downloads’ next to them. No politics here… smile
    I would appreciate a reply from bram or 1 of the other admins to sort this out.

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    MOPE08 "movement to performance 2008"in Vaasa, Finland.

    PLATFORM is arranging the performance festival MOPE08 for the third time in Vaasa, Finland. The festival takes place at Vaasa City Art Gallery 19.9.2008 at 5pm-9pm, and
    Kuntsi museum for modern art 20.9.2008 at 11am-7pm (GMT+2)

    Some information on the festival can be found at
    and the festival is streamed live here:

    Among the performing artists is Hermann Hiller (DE) who during Saturday will receive wishes from the audience of what their dream clothes would look like if one could decide oneself. The result will be shown as a catwalk that also finishes the festival. During this final show live recordings of sewing machine sounds will be mixed and played back with ambient sounds from Freesound, at least the following sounds will be used:

    By anamorphosis (
    GMB Kantilan 9.WAV (
    By plagasul (
    rarexport-05.wav (
    lassambience3.wav (
    By yewbic (
    ambience03.wav (
    ambience02.wav (
    By lgarrett (
    lg freight elevator.wav (
    By artifact (
    feedback1.wav (
    By NoiseCollector (
    vaporizer.wav (
    independent pink noise.wav (
    independent pink noise ringa.wav (

    I will attempt to update the list if necessary. The final show starts 18.30 Finnish time and lasts 1-2 hours. Be sure to check the live video stream mentioned above if you cannot attend!

    edit: attribution list update

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    Dear Benevolent Dictator For Life,

    Logo 1 is the one I like most as it reflects most what Freesound is about. The others are, uhm, slick but nothing special. The breaking-glass thing is something that should really be incorporated - it reminds me of the liberation of sounds that Freesoudn is all about. Good work!

    As for the website design, I'm sorry to say that I'm not really impressed. It is too colorful for my taste, a bit chaotic with too many points screaming for attention. I have to agree with Thanos (congrats on the recorder!) that the current design is quite good and a little optimalisation could mean much improvement. Do not use too many colors, do not try to cramp too many items on the main page.

    Your humble servant,
    - LG

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    Dear Soundies,
    I am a radio author for German public radio. For a portrait about a Japanese artist I found some really wonderful samples on this great site. The problem is: the station does not have any possibility to attribute the creator of the file. I tried to contact the creators, one answered and gave me the permission to use it. But I can’t get in contact to the other ones. To make it short – I got the hint to put the samples in this forum to ask, if someone could create a similar sound for me under the condition, that I can use it on air without attribution. This would be such a great help - I promise to send a mp3 of the programme to these friendly people.
    So – here are the samples I found – all of them field recordings.
    Thank you all so much in advance.
    All the best from Berlin

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    I think #1 comes the closest to being ready, but the broken glass isn't quite right and the colours aren't good. I also think the page mockup (last image) isn't inviting, it's blech.

    The current freesound site design has a great simplicity with colour (black, white, grey, red & light blue), it doesn't try to set a mood or a feeling, it's a little blank, it's open. The site design should change, definitely, but the current one does at least have that going for it. So I strongly suggest maintaining simplicity with colour. Austerity!

    Freesound has sounds from forests, kitchens, servo motors, synths... some sounds were recorded in 5 minutes and some in 5 hours... the aesthetics of freesound are totally open and the site design should reflect that. If the site design has a bold, colourful style it may channel the kinds of sound people want to upload, like encouraging techno and discouraging door squeaks or vice versa. The design shouldn't lean toward branding, it should lean toward creative inspiration. So, keep it simple & open.

    My 2 cents.

    By the way, I finally bought a Zoom H2. smile

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    Did some googling, here are a few I like: - I like handwriting - Kind of like the retro look - Replace the red wave with a sound waveform - I like the reflection & simple graphic bubbles - Like the font & simple graphic

    One more thought - I have a really old dictionary, I could take some macro photos of the word "free" and the word "sound". Might be able to morph those into something interesting.

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    #1 - I did not get that this was glass breaking until I read the discussion
    #2 - Got my vote. It is simple & clean, however also not real exciting or inventive
    #3 - I worry about people not recognizing the first letter as an "f". Also I am not clear if we are marketing "freesound - the concept", or " - the website". If the latter, it is probably good to have the .org, otherwise I would drop it.
    #4 - See #1 & # 3
    #5 - The font & graphic seem a little dated to me - like a Disneyland ride from the early 80's.
    #6 - Reminds me too much of the Star Wars logo

    General comments:
    - I think we should aim high, and design something that people will soon be seeing in the credits of feature length films. To me that implies that the ".org" should be included. That also implies that the logo should work well on a dark (black) background, or have versions for both dark and light backgrounds.

    Here is a logo that we commissioned for a demo, that I like. The mountains are reminiscent of the freesound waveform, but I think it would actually be better to replace the mountain with some other recognizable shape, and replace the tree with a waveform or something else that symbolizes sound. Hey maybe it could be a tree falling in the woods (just kidding). But actually it would be good to somehow give a nod to the main categories of sounds on freesound - field recordings, clips for music, clips for film/plays, ...

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    Is it possible to do the attribution on your website?

    Here in the US, the public radio stations use music between the stories (they call them "music buttons"wink. On their website they credit the music and even post a link to it:

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    I'm using Xilisoft Audio Ripper to extract any Audio Material from DVD Movies. smile

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    I think that sounds a bit ?cartoony? for what I'm looking for, though it actually wasn't that far off. I'm looking to have a few seconds of footsteps as an unseen giant marches up from behind, then possibly a crunch as he steps on a human narrator and continues on his way without blinking.

    A little on the cartoony / humorous side would be appropriate, but not quite this much.

    Thanks again for the effort!


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    Probably nothing like what you're looking for, but umm I gave it my best shot...


    Note: Heavily distorted and slowed kick drum with slight reverb and panning added.

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    I prefer nr 1. I think this continues what we know and what we like, maybe without this background it will present better. In nr 2 when i read it i miss "o", other are to cosmic for me smile

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    Hi. I'm looking for some footstep sounds that I could use for a giant who walks into the scene and crushes a hapless human. I've searched through the varied steps / footsteps / stomp files and couldn't find one that would work for me.

    Thanks for any help,
    Mosk the Scribe

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    Metadata won't get aired, so that wouldn't be much use.
    I think the best thing you can do id contact the sound's creators and ask their permission. The Creative Commons license is not strict. The creator can always still give permission to use it without attribution.
    Additionally, if you can't contact the creator or they won't give you permission, you can ask in the Samples Requests forum for somebody to create a similar sound under the condition that you can use it on air without attribution.

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    I like the(almost Linux-style) freesound homepage the way it is and hope it won't end up looking more like hundreds of sites I don't like the look of.

    justkiddink is right!
    the present design of freesound is clean/light/cool, I always liked it.
    the one proposed has a highly contrasted palette of colors, thick tabs and fat titles - deja vu, as justkiddink pointed out.
    in this age of visual bulimia (abnormally voracious appetite or unnaturally constant hunger)
    and horror vacui
    the freesound white homepage is a very elegant project - less is better!

    forgive me, I'm a graphic designer :roll:

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    ..I don't think I understand all the changes on the horizon here,guess that makes it exciting. smile

    Logo 1 gets my vote (for reasons well-said above) but I also don't like the breaking glass.......sound at glass-breaking pitch scares me and reminds of that Tinnitus nightmare. sad
    So, in the same place,how about a simple,faint silluoette of a sonokid with headphones on?...(not really headphones as a cool-dj gimmick,more like representing an essential part of the soundrecordists gear.)This would also give"a mind behind the sound, freesounders" connection.
    Logo 2 is really very split-up...........frees..(freeze?)........und..(and?).It might work better if you white-out the middle of the O.....but I don't like it.

    I like the(almost Linux-style) freesound homepage the way it is and hope it won't end up looking more like hundreds of sites I don't like the look of.
    Doubtless it could be more user-friendly but so what? this age of the short attention span,to demand patience and a bit of focus is no bad thing and you do us all a service imo.
    Anyway,whatever the changes,I will get used to them...even my newspaper is now in tabloid format. :x
    So it's just to wish you good luck and perseverance,Bram, with this great project. smile

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    Maybe you can embedd this info as metadata in the files?

    Broadcast Wave Format: