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    Tape Delay -
    Hi Pass -
    Mono Filters -
    Boost the Mids -
    and Compress it in a Vintage way -
    And yea dont forget to add some static or have an overdrive hiss made on a seperate mixer channel thats constantly going, and just turn the mixer volume down...

    Just wanted to thank you for that. Really. That helped me a lot :>

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    Thanks! grin Actually, I know an older gentleman who used to be a bona-fide radio news correspondent for one of the major networks... I'll see if I can convince him to do some packs with me. I'll try to get a better microphone soon (yes, I know mine sucks, ha!) and learn more about what I'm doing to make it worth it. Thanks again, cheers!

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    I made a clip for Youtube showing the game.
    It uses all those sounds you helped me with, so I thought you maybe interested to see where your sounds went smile


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    hahahaha, just saw you "other" pack. what a combo.
    congratulations on your quite brilliant entry into smile

    - bram

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    omg! this is really brilliant! woot
    GREAT pack!!!
    are you going to make the male equivalent?

    whatever you say
    I agree
    I love you


    - Bram

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    Hi all,

    My first post for a wile, and as we have just had Christmas I suppose I should start by saying I hope yours was good if you celebrated it.

    I am wondering if it would be possible to have a full description of a sample in a list of a user's uploaded samples, list of samples in a pack, or whatever?

    At the moment, if a description is lengthy, then in the list you get partway down it and then get an ellipsis. The result of this is that you have to go in to the sample page to read the full description.

    I wonder if it would be possible to do something like on Youtube, for example, where if a description is long you get a "more" button which you can use to display the full description on that page?

    Do you get my meaning?

    Is this something that could be considered?

    Look forward to responses, and wish all a happy 2010.

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    ditto... and i'm was supposed to get famous this week. hahaha. j/k
    thanks in advance to freesound, i'm sure they will get it going again in no time.

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    hello all. could someone please help me? i am upgrading my wireless system to a more versatile one and the new sennheiser g3 is my choice...would have wanted a lectro system but i have to sell my kidneys for those.
    i am using audio technica wireless system but find it old already and have huge problems with regards to drop-outs/ fade. now i saw in b&h an accessory for the g3, the asa 1 and the ac 3 and thought of getting either one to protect me from set distance issues and avoid drop-outs due to range when on location.
    i wouldn't want the same frustrating problems i'm experiencing with my AT systems thats why the need for upgrade is essential.
    my problem is i do not know which one to get among the two which is suited to arresting my problem.
    manufacturer's site also didn't give me enough clarity on this one. maybe some of you gurus have utilized any or both models, would very much appreciate it, thank you...


    edit: i'm sorry i forgot to add links for referrence...thanks in advance
    item 1:
    item 2:

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    I see the credits that the iphone app developers are intending

    Where will you actually put these credits?


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    Thanks for the listen. smile

    I really enjoyed doing this, and I'm definitely considering doing a full LP.

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    Thanks for this post. I am also an Individual iPhone dev.

    Found some very good sounds in here.. keep up the good work guys.
    This kind of community is really helpful to indie game dev like me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Same here

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    I want to mash up this sample to make an introduction to my Demo album for my band:

    However the author has written "Please do NOT use this sample in any sort of musical production."
    He may not want it to be used in such a way, but under the creative commons licence, am I not free to use the sample if he has uploaded it to this site?

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    I'm making a short film where a woman is killed - offscreen, and I wonder if anyone could provide a woman in distress. Or - a sound sample, which would come actually even more in handy. She has to be sobbing, making small (very small) screams of fear and distress. Can't find it anywhere.
    If anyone has played Max Payne, when his wife is killed. That's the sort of thing i'm looking for. Preferably not with real words, since the short film isn't in English.


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    Hey guys,

    firstly i'm new here, looks like a nice site. So.. recently I decided to give making some dubstep a go. I'm using fruityloops 9, and i'm looking for some good drum samples which can help me, as you may or may not know the sounds which come by default with FruityLoops are kind of lame, especially for the kind of style I'm going for.

    I'm looking to make some slow, heavy beats.. just having a hard time finding some good drum sounds which will give me the sound i'm looking for. Any help will be appreciated loads!

    Thanks in advance. smile

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    same here :cry:


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    A mix of Flick3r and Espanody ... smile

    Flick3r ... Riser 9_Flicker.wav ...
    and a selection of phrases from Espanody's "bitchy girlfriend" pack ...

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    Thanks! I enjoyed hearing these,The Gutless Wonder especially......if you've not already moved on you might consider taking it further?......nice work. smile

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    Hey there, Freesounders. Got hit by a major inspiration bug today, and this just kinda-sorta fell out of me.

    For a while now, I've been wanting to try using the Hip-Hop process (loops, post-processing, 100% digital production) to make other forms of music. And what better victim than Jazz? So I did just that, using you guys as the band.

    Credits are all below, and the music itself can be found HERE

    Hope you enjoy!

    - Plague On Wheels
    Now It Can Be Told


    RealRhodesSounds - Rhodes Ambiance
    kyleklip - Rhodes Loop
    kcparker - Street Noise
    Horn - Bass Loop
    jus - Cello Sample
    NoiseCollector - Background Music


    marvman - Clean Guitar
    kerri - Flute Samples


    skiptracer - Intro Static
    Anton - Didgeridoo
    Andrew Duke - Machine Noise
    Koen - Guitar Hits


    patchen - Synth Line
    sleep - Noise Guitar
    Corsica - Voice


    Corsica - Bright Synth + Rhodes Loop
    Tristan - Xylophone
    UncleSigmund - Harmonica
    uauaua - Saxaphone


    Anton - Machine Noise
    hanstimm - Processed Cello

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    Those two are nice, exactly what I was looking for.

    is nice for a completed mission, but a little to robotic. Does anyone have some Human (Soldier) saying "Mission Completed", "Victory" or "We/You did it" through a radio?