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    I redesigned all the sound for this trailer except for the music, which is RJD2 - Smoke and Mirrors. Any feedback/criticism is much appreciated! Thanks.

    Challenger Tanks at Bovington Training Ground - Microscopia
    sim firetruck- THE_bizniss
    firetruck- guitarguy1985
    m240 - Matt_G
    grenade - ljudman
    20070210.helicopter.01 - dobroide
    civildefense - guitarguy1985
    WW2AirplaneFlyover - daveincamas
    jetbike flypast - tigersound
    growl1 - ubecareful
    Crash & Glass - rock savage
    bullet ricochet - aust_paul
    heavy.burst - alienbomb
    k47_ chamber_round - NoiseCollector
    rifle-cock_fire - cosmicconfusion
    basscapes_Ultralowend - suonho
    SUB A# 2 secs - uzerx
    glass_house2 - themfish
    avalanche - mystiscool
    grenade - miregrobar
    grenade (1) - miregrobar
    crash - sagetyrtle
    Explosion 6 - jobro
    nikonf4 - Heigh-hoo
    01012 motorbike starting out - Robinhood76
    copterWHISTLE - bgygi
    Explosion - steveygos93
    Ropeswoosh 3 - Benboncan
    broken_bottle_01 - cdrk
    Alarm001 - HardPCM
    CinematicBoomNorm - HerbertBoland
    Epic whoosh - EcoDTR
    RemingtonGunshot - fastson
    Ultra Subs 044 - striptheband
    sharpen_01 - Corsica_S
    Underwater02 - LG
    jillys sonar - NoiseCollector
    Rockfall in mine - Benboncan
    big_explosion - smcameron
    blow - Heigh-hoo
    Woosh Compressed - Benboncan

    There are more samples that I used that will be posted soon!

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    its ight.

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    Anyone have sound clips from Harley's Holiday and Harleyquinade?

    I'm trying to make my own desktop theme!

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    ha! i learned something on this one. steam punk ... a new one on this old geezer. guess i should get out of my comfort zone more often. I enjoyed listening and learning! you did a good job on steam-tock.

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    Hi there,

    I'm after specific audience reactions from a variety of people, male and female, any sort of voice. I'll be layering them together for a very silly audioskit.

    HE-LEN SHINE! HE-LEN SHINE! HE-LEN SHINE! HE-LEN SHINE! [trailing off on the last one] HE-LEN SHINE!

    [loudly, over the audience excitement] Please settle down, settle down.

    [to Host] Um, Helen's not coming. Sorry, man.

    [ad-lib upset, disappointment]

    Not *coming*?

    Yeah. Her agent says she's in Norway reading from "Virtuoso Of The Chartreuse Justification".

    HOST [CONT.]
    Okay. Well. Apparently we had a bit of a scheduling mix-up. [clears throat] Anyway. That's it for tonight -

    [ad-lib angry shouts]

    I want my money back!

    [ad-lib agreement with Andrew]

    [quickly] Um, wait - wait - listen, I can offer you an audio recording of Helen's third appearance on this stage. Okay? Okay? Will that make you guys happy?

    [ad-lib agreement with this plan, settle down]

    [the audio recording of Helen's third appearance is amazing]

    [ad-lib excitement over Helen's amazing performance]

    I'm hoping for lots of participants. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

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    Looking for a sexy female voice to provide the following clips

    3 second clip saying "hawgies dot com"

    and a short playful but sexy clip of "vroom!"

    thanks very much in advance! grin

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    And I want to know if its possible to download these samples and use them in LSDJ?
    If so, how do i go about using them in the LSDJ?

    Thanks guys!

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    Nicely done!

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    I thought your song was really good! I'm working on creating something myself (not a song exactly, but a track with some music in it), and your song has given me some really useful ideas. I liked the way you structured it, I thought the beginning, middle and end were nicely done, and the transitions were clean and well considered.

    Nice work. smile

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    Hi Freesound

    My name is declan, I'm a motion graphic artist/animator living in los angeles, my first post [pop]

    I created this little film using freesound at, mostly for birds and atmospherics but there is also a credit list at the films host blog

    1 min 50 second film

    bird sounds at the beginning and end

    Thanks for the sounds, thanks for being there, I'll send some scratch your way as soon as I have some pennies to rub.


    Directed & programmed by
    Declan Moran

    Production Assist
    Kate Moran, Ross Merrick

    Mozart, Horn Concerto No. 4 in E Flat Major
    Bernd Heisser, horn. Vienna Mozart Ensemble conducted by
    Herbert Kraus

    Bird Sound
    Genghis Attenborough (2810cool
    Tigersound (9327)
    HerbertBoland (3320cool
    Dobroide (34111, 22383)

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    Thanks a lot! Maybe if I lower its pitch and combine it with another sample, it will work.

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    I've had a go ...

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    I've been looking for the same thing without any luck.... Have you found anything?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Hi, I too am interested in this. I record multichannel patches in pd with writesf~. the resulting sound file is interleaved and I follow the ITU standard

    1 - L
    2 - R
    3 - Center
    4 - sub
    5 - L side
    6 - R side
    7 - L back
    8 - R back

    I have yet to upload anything. Is there anything I should be aware of that hasn't been addressed?

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    Its sort of electro-pop
    Its called p.o.w.e.r and I used the following freesounds:
    - powerword vocals by LEVINJ
    - guitar power chords by KOEN
    - baby sample by NOISE COLLECTOR

    thanks for the inspiration

    please enjoy and let me know what you think,cheers

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    Not Big but from a stop.

    Now remixed to sound bigger

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    I Cant find a steam train from a dead stop. all the trains are already moving....

    I need a BIG chunky steam train...... :?:

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    I was not able to find a sound like used in the first seconds of this song:
    Can someone help me out with this?

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    you mean synth?