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    I want to use this as a start-up on my PC

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    What is the best for field recording, 1x stereo microphone or 2x mono microphones?

    In most cases you have more control with a stereo microphone, but i think you can be more creative with a pair of mono microphones because you can make i wider stereo image if you put some distance between them, or put them close together to make a more compact stereo image, or in different positions to make a more experimental sound.

    I use both. My favourite single point stereo mic is the Rode NT4, fits nicely in a blimp and is easy to carry around...

    I also use a pair of AT3032 omni mics as a spaced pair or baffled as I did here...

    Overall the NT4 is much more convenient. If I had to choose, I would go single point stereo. But that would be sad smile


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    You know that sound in cartoons where someone's on the phone and they speak normally but you hear the person on the other side as high-pitched nonsense?

    Yeah. I need that.

    Or, if it's possible to do it on my own I would like some advice on how to edit it (all I have is Audacity).


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    I downloaded the latest firefox (3.0.5) source from the mozilla site, unpacked it, configured it, and compiled it. It still doesn't work to right click, but if I hold a shift key down and left click, it comes up with a dialog that allows me to download the file (or play it if I choose). Closer! It actually works to get the file directly.

    I had a quick look at the source for and 3.0.5, trying to find the difference that makes the difference and can't see anything. The function that does the download is almost identical, and reverting the changes has no effect. Firefox is a complex chunk of code and it is not easy to determine what is happening without really digging and getting familiar with program flow. The "save link target as..." command was dropped between the two versions and the code was eliminated. I think this was part of the refactoring between the versions.

    Some progress anyway.

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    1 attempt, 1 upload. Worked perfectly.

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    let me know how that goes...

    - bram

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    nope.... that's pretty much what torrents and newsgroups are for..... damn sample monkeys.....

    Have you ever played perfect world online? Pretty Rad.....Sorta.....

    Please don't respond asking for pirated and stolen material. That's what P.A.T. is for..... : (

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    Been using the applet.

    Trying filezilla right now... so far so good, 62% and counting... much easier, never using applet again, thanks again!

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    hey nc,

    are you using the ftp applet, or an ftp client?
    if the former (the applet), could you try a standalone client like filezilla (windows) or cyberduck (mac)?

    - bram

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    Hey everyone.

    I'm looking for the name of the sound effect when they cut between "outtakes" or bloopers. That little boop sound.

    2nd. I'm looking for a time lapse sound effect or some type of sound that wines up as the clips get faster or that last effect they use in shows like Lost just before they cut to black.
    Its kinda like a screatching, twirling effect that gets louder and then "bam" the episode is over and the word "Lost" comes at you.

    any ideas?

    Kinda like this..

    That effect when the camera is closing in on the main character because he has just discovered who killed his brother!!

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    I've remixed the file referred to above, to create this :-

    Happy Christmas everyone


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    I am about to try and FTP client because lately, I have been encountering this scenario. Any file over I'd say 15mb doesn't seem to be able to upload unattended. I can upload 30 short snippets at a time and walk away and come back 4 days later, just kidding, and they are all there error free.

    However, when I throw in a 10 minute recording of birds having intercourse or paint drying, the file transfer is stopped on the malcontent file and I have to hit cancel, restart FTP applet, etc... pain in the ass I must say. It does not continue through the sequence of files as usual, it just hangs there. Sometimes it stops altogether at some unrelated portion say 56% and hangs forever but that only happens a time or two per batch. I upload 30 or more at a time usually and it's problematic

    Anyone else experiencing this or have a work around? I spent all last night uploading 5 or 6 files and started again this morning, at this rate my christmas stuff should be ready for st patricks day.

    Thanks for the great site by the way and merry christmas to all, unless it offends you, for those folks I'll add a happy friggin new year in as well.

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    Can I first thank all of you for the feadback. Since originally posting this topic, I have so far had samples from limitedheadroom, Ermine, The Bloke 33 and ERH. But I am always open to more.. more... If anyone else should have any more or gets any more, drop me a private message please. I would like it if you can do that; The Bloke 33 uploaded 2 samples in Early March and I only just found them today!


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    I'm loving all the reponses! Thank you!! I had found that one, not exactly what I was looking for, I just wanted a simple "Ho, ho, ho". Keep the suggestions coming, I do appreciate it.

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    Jay, are you able to extract / mix what you need from this?

    This was already a mix from others' files.


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    If so, the weekly show I do might be of interest; details:

    First of all, I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.
    Thank you to everyone who has shown support of the show by listening, emailing,
    messaging on Facebook/Myspace/lists/boards, and providing promos for show consideration.

    now online to download or stream:
    Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix (est. 1987)
    22 December 2008 show (tracklist follows)
    2 hours 3 minutes; mixed live in one take (as are all shows) so please forgive the occasional gallop

    listen to archived shows, Daniel Bell, Minto George mixes, Stewart Walker PA, Aux88 interview here:

    please email links to MP3 and WAV promos or mail CD/vinyl to
    Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix
    57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

    01. Andrew Duke & i8u--Exhale & Shiver (from Symbiotic) (Pertin-nce 006)
    02. Tanaka Hideyuki--Drain The Back (from Raw Time) (Mischievous 00cool
    03. Anthony Shakir--It Erased Me (Frictional unreleased)
    04. Gabriel Ferreira--Clover (from Nous Allons) (Shufflemood 003)
    05. Grau--Juegos De Azar (Medu remix) (from Lost In Translation) (Seta 007)
    06. Detroit People Mover--Casual Conversation (from DPM) (6ONE6 CD01)
    07. Cristian C--This Is (Black & White Orange 012)
    08. Hakan Lidbo--Senegal (Manuel Perez' Afrodisco mix) (Enjoy 012)
    09. Kris Wadsworth--Motown Revival (from Deport This) (Hypercolour012)
    10. DJ 3000 & Esteban Adame--Heritage (Motech 021)
    11. Spencer Gray featuring Imani Uzuri--Precious (1200 Warriors' Bump mix) (Loveslap!)
    12. Yard--Detrit (Anders Ilar remix) (from Detrit) (Binary Dilemma 002)
    13. Exe--Formant (Dialtone 030)
    14. Terrence Dixon--Untitled (from Sabbatical) (Diggarama 014)
    15. Disk--Rumshack (40 Thieves remix) (Fine Art 011)
    16. Adaptive--Communicado (from General Assembly compilation) (Diplomatik 003)
    17. Raymond Scott--Toy Typewriter (Chaircrusher remix) (Cornwarning unreleased)
    18. Rhythm & Sound featuring Koki--See Mi Yah (Vainquer remix) (Burial Mix BMX4)
    19. K-Hand--2 Low Key (12 inch mix) (from Fantasy) (Ausfahrt)
    20. Convextion--Interlude 1 (from Convextion) (Downlow dlVEXTCD)
    21. David Powers--Crazy Keys (unreleased)
    22. DJ Sodeyama--Now Is The Time (vocal) (from Now Is The Time) (Archipel 055)
    23. TR-ONE--Detroit After Dark (Tomi Chair remix) (from Detroit After Dark)
    (Nice &nd Nasty 032)
    24. Ryan Brogan--Doubledutch (Christian Bloch remix) (Subtrak 014)
    25. Andy Vaz featuring Alton Miller--Hurry Hurry (Yore 012LTD)
    26. Rolando--Where Were You? (dub mix) (from Hiatus) (Delsin 73)
    27. James Kumo--Alphawave (from Kumomusic Vol 2) (Ann Aimee 009)
    28. Jon Silva--Acid House (from The Beginning compilation) (Clear 001)
    29. Eric Downer--Recovery (J Hunsberger remix) (Thoughtless Music 016)
    30. Sterac--Bot (Delsin 70)
    31. Maja--If You Love Me Tonight (Passarani remix) (Nature 2139)
    32. T.R.O.--Steampunk (Maschine Musik 011)
    33. Giorgio Roma--Buzzing Jazz (Young Gods 501cool
    34. Sean Deason--The Shit (Tristan "Phonopsia" Watkins' Deep Shit mix)
    (from The Shit 2003 Remixes Volume Three) (Matrix 009)
    35. Christian Bloch--Controlled Experiment (Funque Droppings 011)
    36. Hard Mix!--Can You Feel It (Jarrier Modrow instrumental) (Mercado Paralelo 01cool
    37. Charlton--Stuff (Aftertaste 003)
    38. Bodie--Get Hot (Alister Johnson remix) (Pawn Shop 005)
    39. Soultek--Analogue Heart (Soundshift [Detroit] 002)
    40. Anja Schneider & Sebo K--Rancho Relaxo (Mobilee)
    41. Anthony Shakir--It Erased Me (Frictional unreleased)
    42. Federico Molinari--Takk Brett (Oslo 004)
    43. Giash--Muscipula (Bosphoros Underground 023)
    44. Aschka--Sensoreality (Stefny's Elephas Maximus mix) (De'fchild 010)
    45. Dirt Crew--Soundwave (Filippo Moscatello mix) (Dirt 030)
    46. Feno--Spirit Level (Tomi Chair remix) (Dublin Express 011)
    47. Strial--Andromede (Edensonic 022)
    48. Chris Fortier & Profile25--BSF Rename (Fade 05cool
    49. Lusine--Make It Easy (John Tejada remix) (Ghostly International)
    50. Kaupo--Sohh (Leiner remix) (from Evenings) (Laks 013)
    51. Joshua Collins--Feel It In The Air (Hernan Cerbello remix) (Low Pressings 06cool
    52. Paul Hazendonk presents Dub Society--Late Night Intellect
    (from Manualism 2.0 compilation) (Manual 014)
    53. Mike Kuszynski--Techno Siren (from Early Collected Works) (Plane 002)
    54. Modul--Brave New What (unreleased)
    55. Morophosis--Round One (MOS 010)
    56. [A]pendics.Shuffle--Finding Harmony (Tim Xavier remix) (from You Got My Harmony)
    (Mo's Ferry 041)
    57. K-Hand--Feel (from Feel) (Acacia 101)
    58. Delphi--Suzuka (from The River) (Pigna 014)
    59. Mush--Test 72 (Orlando Voorn remix) (Night Vision 013)
    60. Newworldaquarium--The Force (from The Dead Bears) (Newworldaquarium 02)
    61. Coordinates--16 Steps (from 16 Steps) (Open Concept)
    62. Drivetrain--Symphonium V--The Resurrection (Act II) (Soiree)
    63. Common Factor--The Storm (from That Was Then) (Playhouse 111)
    64. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt--Someone Told Me (Permanent Vacation 029)
    65. Cloudsteppers--Make Me Shine (Chris Udoh remix) (Pesto 012)
    66. Produse--Copy Paste Delete (Rob Glennon remix) (Dublin Express)
    67. Anane--Walking On Thin Ice (Anane's Old School dub) (Vega 034)
    68. From Karoake To Stardom--Do You Speak In Glitch? (from Quote Sample Steal)
    (Rrygular 027)
    69. Recloose--Catch A Leaf (Marc De Clive Lowe remix) (Sonar Kollektiv 030)
    70. BradElectro featuring Marwan Kanafani--Rubberbands (Homero Espinosa remix)
    (Tarantic 030)
    71. Javier Drada--Something In The Sound (NOLA Deep dub) (from NOLA)
    (Resisted Resonance 002)
    72. Hemiptera--Bad Haircut Correction (from Home On The Strange) (Pertin-nce 022)
    73. Stee Downes--The Getaway (from What's Wrong With Groovin') (Sonar Kollektiv 033)
    74. J & J vs. Terry Moore--Some Kinda Good (J & J's Soultempo JAM) (Bombay 133)
    75. Transparent Sound--Cider Club (Vector Lovers + Transparent Sound remix) (Chi 021)
    76. Suz + Layborn--Nuzzle Fudge (De'fchild 006)
    77. Rick Wade--Something For The Journey (from Dreams Of Home compilation) (6ONE6 CD04)
    78. Shahrokh Sound Of K. featuring Robert Owens--After All (from Dripping Point) (Compost 306-2)
    79. $tinkworx--Amira (Strange Life 017)
    80. Radiers Of The Lost ARP--The Submariner Theme (from Tema 5) (Nature 2137)
    81. Claude Young--Mutation Computation (from Dreams Of Home compilation) (6ONE6 CD04)
    82. Variant--Falling Stars (from The Setting Sun) (Echospace [Detroit])
    Andrew Duke In The Mix (est. 1987): exclusive mixes, PAs, interviews:
    Daniel Bell, Minto George, Stewart Walker, Aux 88, and more
    Andrew Duke FB:
    Cognition Audioworks FB:

    please email links to MP3 promos or mail CD/vinyl to
    57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

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    I'm sure Acclivity can help here.

    Acclivity!!! Look here!

    - Bram

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    That was very good. I liked it. grin

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    Thanks Matthew! That's the point, to convince her that she needs to GO TO SLEEP! smile It'll flip her out! Which, now that I think about it, might just make her all the more hyper. It'd be good just to see the look on her face!

    I've found the sleigh bells, I was just hoping get some that had Ho, ho, ho mixed in.

    Thanks again!

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    I need an .mp3 or .wav of sleigh bells approaching then Santa saying "Ho, ho, ho" (with the sleigh bells still in the background) then the sleigh bells leaving. I am going to play this outside my daughter's window on Christmas Eve.

    Thank you so much!

    Most interesting and a creative way to let your daughter know Santa is coming! Slight problem though; he probably won't come as you will not be asleep! smile

    As for the sample request, if you type “Christmas bells” into the search engine you can find some slay bells without the “ho. Ho. Ho.” Not quite sure about it, if anyone else can help, please do so so that this method works!

    Good luck and merry Christmas!