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    Given the recent discussion about how much Headroom should be observed for recordings of every kind, what do you think? In general terms only, please.

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    You're sounds are fine. Part of the reason I apologlized for various highjackings was this thread has become something differnet than the original intention.

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    could you try another FTP application like filezilla (pc) or cyberduck (mac) and see if that helps?

    - bram

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    Hi everyone, I want to run my own music studio and for that I need a little funding from reliable sources. I am 28 years old and I am looking for flexible options for going about this. Can you people suggest me any ideas.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    its a preview, kinda lost ideas at what it is in that mp3. But I've come up with some new stuff to it.
    I've been working on that same song for quite a while now.. its about 9 mins long atm.. no idea where to stop :lol:

    Samples probably used, cant remember which one actually are

    By patchen (
    Rhino-11.wav (
    By Erratic (
    ufo_atmosphere.wav (
    May 12, 2008
    By pulse00 (
    p_ambient_beat1.wav (
    p_glitchbeat.wav (
    May 6, 2008
    By NoiseCollector (
    DootDaDoot.wav (

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    I think that the first step you should do is to gather a few friends of yours and test the beats on their ears…because they will be able to provide a judgment on your composition…and that too free of cost. The serious part about going on this would be getting to which can really help you to make it through this by giving you the necessary sources and plans to approach the management companies.

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    Re the hijacking: No problem -- there's much to learn in here smile
    Re bit rate/depth: I did this error myself in my post tongue

    I'm saying that ur hardware such as preamps wont perform as well at higher volumes.

    I want to understand you and must therefore question this for verification: Is this the core basis for your argumentation?

    If this behaviour of the preamps is the case, then because of the implication I'd have generally a problem: Because this is in the analogue circuitry. (The digital recorder wont do anything as soon as the signal became discrete other than saving it to disk)
    And spinning this thought further, because this is common analogue circuitry, I'd also have this problem when I plug in a microphone into a mixer and preamp its peak to unity - this is always done as the first step when using a mixer.

    This goes hand in hand with the question as to why this is done: To have a unified peak level of all signals in my mixer (= unity) which is at what is labelled "0dB" and describes the 'best' operating level of the mixer according to the manufacturer. I would be very worried if the hardware does not perform as it should at what is defined as the best operating level - especially if it's a common recorder like the Fostex-FR2 which I have.
    (If it were for the preamp alone, I'd also expect it to have a controlable range that controls its behaviour linearly)

    Or, looking at it from another side: If this problem lies in the hardware before the ADC (signal flow wise), then I'd have it always, regardless of bit depth, right? Is this high-peak problem then 'lesser' than the problems of quantization errors and high noise floor in 16bit?

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    Hi lads...
    I'm new to this site and I too am having problems trying to submit my first upload.
    Exactly the same problem as the original poster of this thread, plus I also found someone else with the same problem on this thread:-'s what's happening:-
    I first had a problem with the applet, but I worked out that I needed Java. I installed it and got through, but when I try to connect, I get told my password is incorrect. Here's a brief report:-
    USER ******
    331 User Mart[1001] OK. Password required
    PASS ******
    530 Login authentication failed
    221-Goodbye. You uploaded 0 and downloaded 0 kbytes.
    221 Logout.
    Disconnected from server

    Now I'm using the same password as I do to log in, and I am typing correctly. One thing I notice though is...if you look at my password, it says that there are six characters...however, my password is only five characters, so that is probably where things are going wrong.
    For some reason, it seems the applet is adding a character to my password.
    Can anyone help ?

    ps...I did try changing my password in profile as suggested above...but to no avail, I have since changed my password back to original.

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    You've not answered my questions.

    Go on try it. Question your technique. Why do you do it?

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    You can believe what you want to believe, and I'll believe what works. I guess you have no response to your incorrect use of terms and how it affects your credibility........

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    In regards to Edirol HQ-OR I purchased it a few months ago for about $200 with shipping.
    I don't know if it still is, but it took me a little time on Google to find a place with it. If you really want I can try to find the link for it and see if they still sell it.
    But from a half assed memory off the top of my head I think it really only had tremolo's with a single instrument and a tremolo set with a group of instruments. Different versions of other technique playing on strings but seems kind of limited.

    If you got to

    Talks about some alternatives to it. I think Garritan and EWQL Silver have similar price ranges and probably better sounding instruments from what people say. Haven't really looked at other suggestions. They might have differently recorded instruments of each type for what you need.

    I would only go with Edirol HQ-OR if you have low ram like I do.(128 MB) The other programs had requirements that were just too much for the computer I was working with. HQ-OR seems a bit over priced but it did what I needed so I can't complain much.

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    I give up.

    I hate it when people start spouting cliches.

    I made my point. You don't have to worry about volumes levels to an extent when working at 24bit. I backed it up with evidence. And I made side points about the preamps which you don't agree with.


    Do what you've always done. And don't bother to ask why you're doing it.

    Have you ever stopped to think... What is the noise floor I am trying to avoid? Or why would turning the gain up on my preamp lower the noise floor? - no.

    All I've done in this post is try to make you think WHY you are doing something. Why do you push your levels close to unity?! What are you trying to achieve?

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    If you are going to argue a point please use the correct terms Mike-T3. The correct term for what you are talking about is BIT DEPTH, not "bit rate". Bit rate is used to describe the data compression on mp3's.

    It seems difficult to take your argument seriously when you are not even using the correct terms in your argument. IMO it really hurts the credibility of the information you are trying to describe.

    Your overall theory mike-t3 seems to be, (in agreement with the other posters) a lot nonsense. You say your method is based on experience, and not book learning? Well I can tell you from my experience this is untrue. Use your ears, and trust them. My ears are my most important piece of gear, I don't care what some pre-amp manual or some other documentation says, I know what works and what doesn't, and regardless of whether or not I am recording to a 16 or 24 BIT DEPTH I always push my levels to as close to unity as I can.

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    I can see that it's an oscillogram and that the upper part of it has been modified or tweaked, but is there any more specific information, some deeper meaning or symbolism?


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    I just stumbled across a short recording of a bar, where the background music is clearly identifiable (and clearly copyright!) In my understanding, this would be a "derivative work", and not allowed in such an instance.
    you are right I say.

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    You should see the size of some of the ones we have here in the UK...barely enough room to put a bag of shopping in!

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    A recorder that doesn´t just record the sound from an internal or external microphone.
    I would like to record the sound from youtube or webradio broadcasts.
    Anyone have an idea where I can download this?

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    I just stumbled across a short recording of a bar, where the background music is clearly identifiable (and clearly copyright!) In my understanding, this would be a "derivative work", and not allowed in such an instance. Or am I wrong - is it ok to include copyright music in a recording in certain instances? I don't mean to be the whistle-blower for this sample smile - I would just like to check the legality of this kind of thing.


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    You've summed it up wonderfully. And let me say that I am sorry the original thread was highjacked by other arguements.


    - If I want to record the signal with the best quality available, I always try to have the peak of (close to) 0dB, regardless of bitrate.

    ok ok fine. Hijacky hijacky. But it is a forum for discussion. :wink:

    All I'm saying is that this comment is fairly void at higher bit rates. I'm not saying ur ADCs is stressed at higher bit rates. I'm saying that ur hardware such as preamps wont perform as well at higher volumes. - This in the overall picture is perhaps un-important but so is worrying about getting with 12dbs of 0.

    Which is indeed, my point.

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    Can somebody help me to find the users manual for that?
    it's an incredible module, but very difficult to understand smile