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    But if you put a stereo cable in the input and in the output, there is no way to hear it, am I write, or am I right? So if you are playing a VST instrument and recording it, you can't hear what you're doing? Is there any way around this?

    Headphone splitter, connect some headphones and you'd be well away

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    I suggest searching for 'swipe' 'swoop' 'swish' 'swoosh' 'whoosh' etc.

    I've heard some good ones on the site.

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    I need help posting my audio on this site and I don't no how please help me!!!! :?

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    yeah it seems really nice to me, and as I'm planning to go more sample based with my tracks - why not spend the money on a decent recorder. it's the microphone issue(s) that is my main headache... what you guys go for?

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    Hi Walter,

    OK, Ive put a description on each one and tags and they have been accepted by forum. I'm afraid I didn't keep the original recording (shame on me) so can't upload that. I used these on a film project I was working on and they worked really well!


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    battery is great and a must have as well!

    as for my european comment. i didn't mean it to sound like i was dissing native at all matter of factly i own a lot of their stuff.

    but for the record

    where are you folks from again?

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    Any other sound effects you guys suggest...what about an arm whoosh as he reaches for his grenade? :?:

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    Thanks for the new chronoshift sound... I used a part of it...

    I need a "mmeooom meeeeom meeeom" grenade like sound for the blue and black device BRENT, my character pulls out...

    do you guys reckon you can cook something up?! I'll credit you in the piece.

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    Nobody mentioned battery?

    If you really need to buy NI software, man... i love battery...

    Tho it always had some bugs, check for that before buying it but... i think it's great.

    It's, of course, a drum machine that works with samples,don't go for it if u want synthetic sound processing but, you can do pretty much everything with battery.

    I load any sound and turn it into a whole drumkit of all kind of strange sounds.

    Battery haves loads of tools for that, from selecting the part of the sound u want, envelopes, distortions, compression, change of pitch, reverse, blabla...

    You can work in pretty unortodox ways with it.

    I actually almost never really worked with it as a typical drum machine at all, i use it more like a sampler, sound editor, that retains it's rythmic functions.

    Worth a look, or a hear.

    But, anyway, waht kind of sounds do u actually create ? show us something.

    Also, check all the free software before buying anything, of course.


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    Yes it"s true, if you just put a cable you have nothing to hear...

    To solve that connect it on an mixing hardware with two or more channel...

    Else use a cable Y splitter but remember that the speakers works as microphone :? ...
    So to block that I had connected one cable on the computer and the other
    on my Video Cassette Recorder to block noise from my speakers and to block feedback cool ...

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    EDIT: Here's a link that works:

    A set of six pieces, each constructed around a particular 'ambience' - stones, wells, caves, fallout, airflight, and shortwave radio.

    The pieces are all in the 10-15-minute range. Relax and discover some secrets...

    "The Secrets of Wells" uses the following sound files from Freesound:
    "inside the well" by offthesky
    "The Secrets of Fallout" uses the following sound files from Freesound:
    "Dutch air-raid warning" by LG
    "The Secrets of Airflight" uses the following sound files from Freesound:
    "Boeing 737 Inflight Ambience - Qantas" and "Landing sounds and taxi messages" by digifishmusic
    "The Secrets of Radio" uses three recordings from "The Conet Project" (ird059) (

    "The Secrets of Wells" uses two samples from "Modern" by Peter Hammill.

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    PS= Thanks for the tute, I'm sure it will be useful... to people who have the 'stereo mix' option... sad oh well.

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    But if you put a stereo cable in the input and in the output, there is no way to hear it, am I write, or am I right? So if you are playing a VST instrument and recording it, you can't hear what you're doing? Is there any way around this?

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    I am also thinking about the FR-02LE as soon as it is available here. Seems to be interesting.


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    Read that:

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    Many peoples ask me how to record audio outputs on Windows computers, so I think it"s better to do a small tutorial about that :mrgreen:

    Step 1:

    On the right bottom of the screen, there is an speaker icon
    Step 2:

    Click right on it, and click left button on Open Volume Control
    Step 3:

    You will see now the Master Volume Control Panel
    Step 4:

    On this panel, click on Options, after click on Properties
    Step 5:

    You will see another Properties panel,
    Step 6:

    Now select the good device to unlock the circle on the left of the word "Record" and click on this circle
    After on the bottom of this panel select all the device the computer can record, in this example this is "Line in" "Rear Mic" "Microphone" but the must important is "Stereo Mix" or "Mono Mix".

    If you have not "Stereo mix"or "Mono mix" like this example you cannot record directly the audio output of your computer; you must use the trick at the end :cry: ....
    Step 7:

    Click on OK

    The good example is the upper panel of this example, and on the lower panel the bad

    If OK, turn up the recording volume....

    Step 8:

    Close all panels...

    Step 9:

    Now start your recording program and select your recording device or the Windows Sound Mapper device
    Step 10:

    Now it"s free for all :wink: ...

    If you are not able or you cannot do that:

    Just do like me, take a stereo cable, connect it on the output and the other side in the input,
    it"s less problem when the sound card cannot record itself cool ...

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    cool - i just read a few lines, followed your tips, and WS_FTP brought me right in. good job!


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    yeah but the FR-2 LE has line in too, which should qualify for use with the OKM II + A6 adapter no?

    yeah, but I want to record sounds from a distance, my thought was that I maybe could use the OKM's for near recording of sounds + ambience.. and K6 + ME66 for like, recording sounds from a distance like you say.. birds, frogs in a pond etc... wink

    but yeah, I'd really like going down a bit in price even though I can afford this more or less. but I heard the preamps in the FR-2 LE should be quite nice (same as FR-2) so that'd be nice to have preamp etc + everything in the same unit. I guess it's almost the same price too than to buy new minidisc, good preamp and so on.
    (FR-2 costs 599 euro from where I'm ordering it from)

    all suggestions are welcome, mic-wise, recorder-wise etc.

    thanks for your replies guys happy

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    Welcome Liam smile

    Descriptions are essential, though they need not be full scale reports on the sound. For your footsteps it might be useful to say "footsteps recorded in *such and such* environment with *blah blah* material on the floor and it sounds *whatever* quality".

    Also, in my opinion, your footsteps would be more useful in a single file, so maybe upload the composite too? (if you think its worth it)


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    Hey all, bit of an odd first post, but just for any other people who're trying to register here...The Google Web Accelerator blocks the registration, keeps insisting that the confirmation code entered was invalid; figured it out after disabling my firewall, PeerGuardian and finally the Google thing.

    Anyway, wkd resource you guys have here smile

    Oh, and hello!