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    Convert MP3 to Midi format

    Hi all,

    I just discovered this site and joined straight away, when I found the perfect ringtone for me here at: but the problem is that my Nokia 6070 needs the sound in a Midi format. Because I only want to get this and maybe one or two more ringtones (which I am going to create myself I hope) converted, I am not keen on the idea of paying for a converter and so far my searches haven't shown up a true freeware converter. Does anyone know of a true freeware converter I could download, or does someone already have the software and would be able to convert the files for me please. I really don't want to pay for software I am only going to use a couple of times.

    Thanks for any help you can provide me,


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    You mean midi as used in studios? You can't translate a ringing noise (from the sample you mention) into midi. You loose all character of the sound. Forget midi. A nokia 6070 supports mp3 too. That's what you need.

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    If it's a song that the ring is from, you can get midi files of just about any song on the net. google search for the song title and .midi or midi file, or something along that line. Or you can try to find an mp3 to midi converter, though they're not always very reliable. It's a complex thing to do.

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    First, when you convert music to midi,
    we name that Polyphonic conversion/translation...

    So I search for MP3 to Polyphonic converter
    or Polyphonic ring tone maker,
    but I really found nothing that is free/freeware...

    So just go on the net and search for MIDI
    file for your commertial songs like tweeterdj said...

    Go here:

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    Thank you all for your help and information. Thanks to Herbert for confirming all I really needed was an MP3 which I have now successfully put on the phone.

    But the other suggestions have also led me to some interesting places and I think I am only getting started. I am already thinking of "creating" my own ringtones.

    Thank you everyone - I really do appreciate your help.


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    There are lots of people who want a waveform to polyphonic MIDI converter... It's been done in a few commercial packages but I've never used one.
    There was a recent attempt to get a modern version of this going called "Whistler", but I don't think it's gone anywhere yet.

    Seems like something the MTG might be able to pull off if a few bright researches are interested. grin

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