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    How To Voice Recording Noise Removal

    Many voice-recordings could be done much better following these simple tricks.

    1. During the recording keep your mouth very near to the microphone. This minimizes echos and hall.

    2. Start the recording but don't say anything for about 2 or 3 seconds then start. This will give you the recorded background needed to filter out the backgroundnoises.

    3. Now use the Audacity Noise Removal effect like this

    3.1. Select the backgroundsound only
    3.2. On the Noise Removal choose the Get Noise Profile Button. This will copy your selection for Noise Removal.
    3.3. Now select the whole sample, go back to Noise Removal and just press okay.

    Now you have a clean voice without any backgroundnoise.

    You also can use the compress-effect and after that the normalize-effect to give it a little boost and smoothen the sample.

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    yes good post for beginners, this is the bare minimum you could do to make a decent vocal recording. also if you dont have a pop filter you could talk away from the microphone just so your breath does not come in direct contact with the microphone. you would probably need to touch it up a bit though.

    then comes EQ'ing etc

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    I was about to experiment with voice recordings and came by your tips. Thanks Balloonhead, I'm definitely going to try those!

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    Thank you Balloonhead,

    I think this is a good habit to do so before posting any sound recorded in a place with background noises. I guess many beginners (including me) do not always mind leaving few seconds of margin.

    With great sound comes great power.
    Great synths can be found here.
    Make music not war.
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    Thanks !!

    I am starting to work on a multimedia project.
    I have seen the information from you on the page , Mr.Balloonhead.
    Thanks for the advice for Audacity.
    It is similar to Goldwave, too.

    Thanks again.

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