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    +++ When Sounds Meet - Just As People +++

    Take a look at the Top 10 Free Sound Effects Websites [] video at YouTube and guess which website ranks at the first place - You guessed it, didn’t you?

    There is nothing like the power of a creative community!

    When I joined Freesound in 2005, I was convinced that I would not only find a good place where I would be heard and people would enjoy using my sound work. I also was quite sure at the same time it would be hard to find a better site where I could learn from others and benefit from thousands of different musical minds to further grow my musical imagination.

    If you want to get some idea on how I tried to go some way in this direction, make yourself a cup of coffee, lean back, and have a look at the video "Time for Coffee" [] (I’m drinking ton’s of coffee when doing that work…). If you would like to learn more about the combination of musical human and computer control that is being shown there, you may want to have a deeper look at the idea of Animated Sounds [].

    I believe that the Freesound music projects I did so far are still very early steps on a long ride to go. But I can’t help it - the more I do, the more I feel that how the sounds finding, fitting and complementing each other are very much comparing to meetings [] of different people where each of them brings another mindset, another mood, another insight, patience, power, strangeness, joy, sadness or whatsoever into the musical "discussion". And that’s what eventually happened: I’m now really addicted to that kind of experience (as to the coffee), and friends starting to come along and doing something alike [].

    Breaking the bars

    The two projects I’m introducing so far are really COMPLETELY made of Freesounds. Each of you can easily find himself in any of the pieces in case your sound found its way into the projects (see alphabetic attribution list below). Some of you appear even in more than the half of the pieces!

    One project is called "Breakin’ bars" []. These are SOUND TRACKS dedicated to the subject of dance (esp. break dance) and linked to related videos at YouTube []. The relation to the dance might look a bit strange, but I found out that break dance movements are very often by far more intelligent than the musical moves accompanying them. That was basically the reason for me trying to break the (4/4) bars…

    The second project is called "Changes of Music" [] and presents SOUND IMAGES. These are NOT REALLY music pieces but rather STATIC impressions of sound landscapes or sound scapes. You should treat them as background music, as a kind of musical wallpaper. Each of them is related to one of 64 topics of the 5000 years old Chinese philosophy book I CHING [], dreaming visually [] with the nice work of the Electric Sheeps [] community. Now its your turn: YOU CHING!

    A bit more advanced projects are planned and I’m starting to work on that as we speak. If you would like to learn about these ideas, have a look into my blog at MySpace [
    ] or to my Freesound Music [] portal which holds a lot of the above links.

    Where are my sounds?

    And this is how you can find yourself in the pieces:

    1. Open the Freesound Music community [] website
    2. Type your Freesound ID in the search field
    3. You will get a list of all pieces in video format where your sounds are appearing
    4. When you play a video, you will find your ID and the IDs of the others in the tags. They are clickable! So you can see also in which videos other Freesounders appear - just one click.
    5. You can also download a mp3 version of each piece from the "Breakin’ bars" [] and the "Changes of Music" [] playlists.

    If you’d like to find yourself sounding on YouTube as well, do the exact same thing:

    1. Open YouTube []
    2. Type your Freesound ID and then (after a blank) the name "freesoundmusic"
    3. You will get a list of all videos where your sounds are appearing
    4. Leave your comments!

    Here is the alphabetic list of all of you that contributed to the projects. I hope it is correct - if not, let me know.
    Last but not least - THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GREAT WORK:

    303creative, 833-45, AaronGNP, acclivity, adamskitek, aikighost, aldonecheeba, Al Magnifico, amliebsch, Andrew Duke, Anton, arnaud coutancier, ashassin, avellana, b0bd0bbs, bassmatiker, batchku, Bliss, bloomypetal, BristolStories, chipfork, Connum, Corsica_S, CosmicD, crescendo, CyberiaLainKittyKat, d.garro, Danmad, daveincamas, Detskinator, digifishmusic, DJ Chronos, djduppy, djgriffin, dobroide, Dodgy C, dropthedyle, dubdub_80, Edgar, ejfortin, Elektrocell, elmomo, ERH, ErrorCell, f_tts, FannyLH, fectoper, feveran, filmhits, Flick3r, fonogeno, fons, fran_ky, Freed, FreqMan,, grandpablaine2, gregf, Guitarz1970, h.quinius, hammerklavier, hanstimm, HerbertBoland, hyo, inchadney, Intimidated, Ironi Alef, isaiah.chentnik, Jimbrowski-One, jjrebollo, jobro, John Rayson, Jovica, jpmreprise, juggler214, juju_beats, jus, keinzweiter, kerri, Koen, kwandalist, lancelottjones, Leady, lezef, LG, LincolnLog, LS, mamax, martian, matiasromero, mattbronka, mchladil, meowtek, metamorphmuses, Microfluid, milo, mollpe, M-RED, mrsparks, Mseq, nicStage, NoiseCollector, Notofficial, nSchwade, Nurykabe, offthesky, onitsuka42, oriolgos, oscillator, patchen, pentm450, pera, pestilenza, PhreaKsAccount, plagasul, PoisedToGlitch, pryghtone, pushtobreak, reinsamba, rezk, Robinhood76, Rodcencko, Roil Noise, rokhausen, room, rutgermuller, sandyrb, serkantemiz, shammons, SheeEttin, showster1232000, simondsouza, striptheband, Sub-d, suonho, tc630, thammo, thanvannispen, tomturton, TwistedLemon, tyrant, uauaua, UncleSigmund, van B, WIM, Wolfsinger, xanthorp, yewbic, Yuroun, Zajo, -zin-, zuben, zyberbird.


    Freed +++ when sounds meet - just as poeple +++
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    Wow, awesome project smile Sounding good!

    Edit: I don't suppose there's any chance of FLAC downloads? smile

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    Great pleasure to be added to this project, all the best!

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    Glad to be a part of it.Thanks!

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    Glad to be a part of it.Thanks!

    Ditto :wink:

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    Very Nice!

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    Enjoyed the mix. Great work Freed.

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    I'm honored! Thank you for the credit.

    - Mike

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    cool grin

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    thanks a lot, Freed !

    Great work, I'm honored of being a little part of it.

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    Great to be a part of this.

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    great to be part of it...honored for "the approach" used my few contributios all over for this!

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    génial ^^

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    Uh just wondering do I have to make a account for before I can get started? Because I tried to log in with my email and password from freesound and it didn't work so I tried to just use my username and password from freesound and it still didn't work. Did I do something wrong.

    15 posts