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January 14th, 2014

Pistol fired outdoors with ricochet. Single shot, fairly close, with fast fadeout. Narrow stereo image, no panning, almost monophonic.

Wholly synthesized. No weapon was fired in the making of this sound. It's an emulated sound effect of a sidearm gunshot with a cliche ricochet sound, like in the vintage Western movies and WW2 films that they showed on TV when I was a kid. Can be used in a game, perhaps, or a none-too-serious vidclip.

The sound of the pistol cartridge explosion is default FLStudio Kick, Clap and Snare slowed right down. A single tap of delay is added to lend an impression of echo off a middle distance hard surface.

The ricochet noise was made with Sytrus running as a VSTi inside FLStudio. It took an entire day of head scratching, oscillator tweaking and envelope mangling to get something that reasonably resembles a sound that I recall from the old movies. I think I'll shoot myself before I try something like this again. :)

Plus the usual FLStudio compressors, EQ, reverb and delay - nothing tricky, just standard stuff.


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    Diboz 2 months, 1 week ago

    That's Very kind of you, lolamadeus. Thank you ever so much.

    Quite a while after I made the sound, I discovered a handy cache of riccochet sfx elsewhere. I don't know if they're of use to anyone but, just in case they are, here's a link.

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    lolamadeus 2 months, 1 week ago

    Awesome, love that ricochet sound, v.impressive that it's synthed. You should make a little sound pack of lots of ricochet type sounds using that process... i'd buy it :)

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    Diboz 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the "heads up", city11. Much obliged. Description edited as per your recommendation. I think I'm stuck with the misspelling in the filename. Apologies for that.

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    city11 11 months ago

    Great clip.. It might do better if you spell ricochet correctly. That way it list proper.

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    cstooch 12 months ago

    This is pretty cool. Sounds quite real. Great work


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