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November 13th, 2013

I snagged this from an e-mail I just sent this stranger on O.K. Cupid.

She won't mind & screw her if she does, they're my thoughts... & my words.

It's not like I'm telling you what she was saying.

...anyhow, I thought this had a nice flow to it. Maybe you'll find use for it?

This version is compressed, EQ'd, Stereo Imaged, Maximized & Reverberated.
...the version labeled (Raw) is simply recorded & exported.


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    JohnLaVine333 3 months, 1 week ago

    Hey there Febalix :]

    Nice that you could get some use out of this bit of rambling√

    I dig how you pitched the vocal down... but maintained time :]

    Not a big fan of house... but this tune has nice Progression & Musicality to it. Cool work!

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    Febalix 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey used this here for some tech house free to download no money making hope u enjoy it :-)


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    Misterii 4 months ago

    EQ'ing on the speech sample is a bit off and otherwise there's a lot to be done mixing wise to that track, but like you said in the description. This has nice flow to it. I haven't been able to log into freesound for a few days, but I fixed all the mentionings of your username and even linked to your profile on the blog post that talks about making that tune.


    Misterii (a.k.a. chakkimatti)

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    JohnLaVine333 4 months ago

    Hey right on Misterii :]

    Thanks for your interest√

    ( It's JohnLaVine333 though, not Jogn Lavine333. I would appreciate it if you fixed that√ )

    Just having a second listen now, on headphones... there's some neat lead sounds in here, the kind of more Theremin type voicings. It's also cool the way you introduced some 8Bit feel to a Trance tune :]


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    Misterii 4 months ago

    This sample aspires other artists as well, I see.. I made a track called 'Being Different' here https://soundcloud.com/chakkimatti/being-different - I don't make money making these things ;)

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