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September 21st, 2007

drum hits ripped from supernintendo entertainment roms and rearranged to generic beats


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    Matthus 8 years, 2 months ago

    I have done stuff on gameboy but got a bit impatient with it tbh you can get some good stuff out of lsdj but there is not much control on the gameboy so it kinda limits your abilty a bit more I spose thats half the fun for some people I guess. I found out about this stuff first from trying to rip the music into midi for a remix of f zero but in the end found it more fun to just ripp the samples and use them for other things, things like explosions and engine noises are fun too I will probs post some more stuff when I can think of what to post, thankyou for your comment :)

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    hello_flowers 8 years, 2 months ago

    Cool samples. Interesting use of SNES sounds. Actually, I was talking with an 8-bit/gameboy musician, Environmental Sound Collapse, he does really crazy stuff. Like I told him, I think gameboy music is really interesting. I don't know if you make gb music, or if you just put the samples together for kicks, but anyways, cool sounds.


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