July 17th, 2013

A village-park between modern castles after sunset. Park 500m from river Maas.

what you hear;
permanent – several ship-engine hum slowly on the river,
permanent – some traffic over river-dike and local road (mopeds, small scooters and cars)
sometimes – people walking chatting in the park and some with - fearful of me - barking dogs
first 32 min - blackbirds
sometimes - coots ducks crows
sometimes – high altitude plane passing
08.38 – dog barking close
09.45, 28.18, 29.09, 36.00 , 3927, 43.40 – train passing steel bridge over river on 1.5km
25.20 – man walking pass microphone left-right saying 'hoi'
26.10 - far people (female) in castle chatting
27.08, 33.45, 46.43– dog barking far
29.27 – frog
36.10, 38.00 – motorcycle
37.35, 43.30– man with walking stick and two afraid barking (echo's) dogs coming slowly pass
37.37 – far police car
47.00 – cheep and far people talking
48.04 – coot and frog call

Gear: Rode NT4 in blimp (pointed ENE) > Sony PCM D50
Weather: temp 25. wind NE 0-2bft
google maps: 51.72751338, 5.24604808
Recorded: castle Leliënhuyze, Beeckendael, village Engelen near 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands (Holland).
Date: July 16th 2013, 9.49-10.46 pm

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