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Founding member of the french musical collective CLAFOOTI and the label "CLAFOOTI records" with mates like Purple, ZEF spends his time between the decks and productions for about 15 years.

He distills on desks a minimal electro sound and combines influences from minimal techno & house.

ZEF on stage is moving towards a sensitive electronic music, combining experimental and improvised sound twiddling. At first, he was playing an oriented minimal techno set during " tour Player Shoot Same Again tour between 2003-2004. Now his performances are more smashed-up electronica involved, giving a thrill from influences like Sheffield, Manchester and Berlin actual scene.

In terms of production, he composed most of the tracks of the first vinyl CLAFOOTI's Same Player Shoot Again - CLFVY001- on which there are 3 titles in its composition. On the second release of the label, he composed Darksides on the Ubik Witty and one of his track called Ubik Witty has been remixed by Ark (Perlon/Circus Company).
He also remixed tracks from VOLFONIQ , ZombieKid and also UssF during the year 2007.

In June 2007, he played a downtempo and experimental live set featuring UssF (a.k.a. Uss_Ze_F as a 'band') at the Citadelle Electronique 2007's festival, sharing the scene with great names such as Murcof, Judith Julierat or Maëko ...

ZEF is working actively on an 'umbrella project' of CLAFOOTI which confronts acousmatic and electronic sounds -untitled SILENT MOVE RECORDINGS. It has thus incorporated various artists of this new movement and illustrated by each composition an AV support supplied by KIKI and other artists. He also participates in collaborations with other artists from the local scene, including PJ PARGAS and Brian BAIGNOIRE (from Berlin).
In this way, all the artists in Silent MOVE have done great performances on different venues, combining electro experimental sounds, surrounding audio installations and split-screens video tweakings :
2008 - Nuit Bleue (Arc-et-Senans) : Sème le pixel, Récoltes la fréquence"
2009 - Nuits Sonores (Lyon) : [SACRED]
2011 - Soirée inaugurale des Journées Européennes du Patrimoine (Lille) : La Résonance des Ondes

Contact me at this email adress -> zef[at]clafooti.net - THANX !