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March 10th, 2010

Recorded at Boykin Springs park first week in March, 2010. Learned that some mosquitoes will actually chase you back to your vehicle, then try to stand in front of your windshield to keep you from seeing where you're going... not a good thing....

Audio was recorded with a digital recorder, a Sony ECM MS 957 battery-powered condenser stereo mic set on 120-degree angle, and a Rode NT4-DXLR cable so I could run stereo XLR connections going into the recorder - I usually prefer condenser mics with 48 volt phantom power, especially a quiet one like the Rode NT1A, but this one does a descent job when I want to travel lighter in the woods. For certain volume levels, like with water, it does great. For material needing a little extra detail in the recording, like with wind, frogs, crickets, cicadas, etc, I prefer a matched pair of Rode NT1A's for stereo recording (5 dB noise floor per mic!). Did some post-processing to widen the stereo width to around 135-degrees varying.

Would love to go back and re-record this stream with the NT1A's, though. May do that eventually.


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