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March 23rd, 2010

Gentle waves, frogs (Spring Peepers), and a dog - recorded on Friday, March 19, 2010 around 9 PM in the Black Forest, Texas area of Lake Sam Rayburn. Winds were maybe 1-4 mph. Temps about 55 degrees. Recorded on a Marantz PMD661 recorder with Super Mod from Oade Brothers (used manual recording level at maximum level (goes from 1 to 10, so turned up all the way to 10); also, used a Sony ECM MS-957 stereo mic, Rode mic cable with stereo XLR connections, mic stand, and comfortable camping chair. Had to shelve down boat noises (0-600 Hz range) around 45-60 dB's with about a 6.0 Q (width). Dramatic shelving was used because fishing tournament was going on plus Spring Break - lots of boats! Slight compression on frogs singing because they were beginning to mask the extremely quiet waves at times. -6dB tilt from 600 Hz upwards. Only 2.8 dB of limiting on one peak when brought volume up - very little increase used in order to preserve dynamics. Stereo width expanded slightly to 135 degrees from 120 degrees. Lots of mosquitoes, mostly on me. None on mic I could hear. Time for some Off, or maybe a shotgun with buckshot, just depends on size of mosquitoes and whatever they're packing. Side Note: I've noticed that the Marantz PMD661 seems to have a hiss element present at about 7300 Hz when the recording level is set around 8 to 10 (10 being the max). This has held true with both the Sony ECM MS-957 mic and 2 Rode NT1A mics I use. Depending on detail in material have occasionally used a slight cut of around -3 to -9 dB at 7300 Hz to make that less noticeable, just depends on material in that area.



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