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Below are answers to commonly asked questions, how to provide attribution, and other license use.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions.

- Can I use your sounds in family, private, artistic non-commercial, charity or non-commercial educational projects?

Yes, without any restrictions

- Can I use your Foley sounds in my Student Film or Film Festival Film?

Yes as long as the project is non-commercial.

Give Appropriate Attribution in your project credits as outlined below.


As required with Creative Commons 3.0 non-commercial usage, you are required to give credit in your project as follows:

(Name of Audio/Foley) Creative Commons 3.0 Non Commercial - R Gorden http://www.rgapcreative.com/



If you would like to use one or more of these Foley audio/sounds for commercial purposes, redistribution, monetized projects, etc. please e-mail license2@rgapcreative.com.

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Helicopter hovering at very low altitude. (Recorded in High Definition Stereo and modulated through Sony Sound Forge) =========================== ATTRIBUTION: As ...