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Below are answers to commonly asked questions, how to provide attribution. Creative Commons License Terms here : CC BY-NC 4.0

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions.

- Can I use your sounds in family, private, artistic non-commercial, charity or non-commercial educational projects?

Yes, without any restrictions

- Can I use your Foley sounds in my Student Film or Film Festival Film?

Yes as long as the project is non-commercial.

- Can I use your sounds in my Monetized YouTube Video?

You can use them in your monetized YouTube videos, as long as sounds or effects are not the entirety or theme of your video's audio).

Give Appropriate Attribution in your project credits as outlined below.


As required with Creative Commons non-commercial usage, you are required to give credit in your project as follows:

(Name Of Sound) CC by Randy Dreammaker (RGAPcreative.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0



If you would like to use one or more of these Foley audio/sounds for commercial purposes, redistribution, etc. please e-mail license2@rgapcreative.com.

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Helicopter hovering at very low altitude. (Recorded in High Definition Stereo and modulated through Sony Sound Forge) =========================== ATTRIBUTION: As ...