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Sol Rezza (born April 7th 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a sound artist, producer and sound jockey focused on the transformation of soundscpaes into strange sound narratives. Her works are developed from field recordings of her own, sound objects from nature recorded by the artist, vocal experimentation and computer generated virtual instruments used as sound modulators. Her pieces are noted for their unconventional way of working, achieving unique sound textures for each of her compositions through the layer modification of previously recorded sounds. The narrative and the constant play with the symbols of language is a fundamental point throughout his work.

Her pieces have been exhibited on radios, festivals and museums from around the world, among which are: Festival Internacional de Arte en Radio RadiaLX 2012 (Portugal), Radio Pappese (Italy), Radio Panik (Belgium), Beogradski Festival Novih Komunikacija 2011(Stonia), BBC Radio3 (UK),Framework radio (Stonia), Radiophonic Creation Day 2011 (France), Netaudio London 2011 (UK), Resonance 104.4 FM (UK), Festival FILE Hypersonica 2011 (Brasil), SoundLAB VII- New Media Fest (Germany), MIMAA Muestra Internacional de Música y Audiovisuales Avanzados (Spain), Festival 6×6 Nature Media Art (USA), Muestra Monográfica de Media Art (Colombia), Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual (México), Prix Bohemia Radio (Czech Republic), In- Sonora (Spain), Museo Laboratorio Arte Alameda (México), among others.

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