3 CDs Getting Cracked
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May 29th, 2012

It's a recording of three Emtec CD-Rs being broken with bare hands.

I had 3 audio CD-R that were burned useless. I decided to record their last sounds.

You can hear the CDs cracking and breaking, me bending them and trying to break them - they were pretty elastic - I had to learn how to crack them. So at first I had some trouble.

Around 0:45 you can hear as I'm bending two CDs together they squeak and crackle but don't break.

The sound is not edited (hence the tag "raw") - no processing was done - I just truncated the beginning and the end leaving you everything you might need.

Recorded with a Zoom H2 placed on my bed. I was breaking the CDs above it. There was a lot of splinters around, you can hear me fiddle with them from around 2:10 on.

Originally WAV 96kHz/24-bit. Truncated and converted to FLAC with Audacity.


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Flac (.flac)
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96000.0 Hz
24 bit
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