Guitar Jamming
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April 2nd, 2013

It's me jamming a bit using my Epiphone's Explorer (tuned to drop-D). Recorded with a Zoom H2 via mic-in and a jack cable. Unprocessed an undedited recording.

I tried out some licks and chords. I'm not a good guitarist. Nevetheless, this might be a nice recording if you're making an animation about learning musician, or a game with a band member rehearsing alone in a room, or if you want to just chill to my little jam session.

This should be mono, but I calculated the difference between left and right channel and it is not zero. So I uploaded it as a stereo file.

Could use some denoising. There is some silence at the beginning so you can do that if you need.


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    ErikH2000 1 year, 5 months ago

    Unfa, this was perfect for what I needed. Basically, I wanted really simple background music for a guy that says dumb philosophical things. If the music is too complicated or polished, it takes away from the comedy, so this was just right.

    An episode including the audio should be up Sunday 10/24/13 at . Episode title will be "The Phineas Maneuver".

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