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thanks i need for a project

this is great for a quick 8-bit space fighter video game ive made. I'll be sure to list DavidOburke in the credits. I'll be sure to link it when it comes to google play

love yah~

Absolutely magnificent, Felix. Thank you!

Haha, I'm making a silly video about Cassowaries, and needed this dramatic sound effect. It's supposed to be like "Get your free cassowary today" and it starts with "What if I told you... That a weapon that could kill a man with one blow existed... In this bright green packaging?" and it dramatically zooms into cassowary eggs

I am writing a game right now and, naturally, need sounds for it. I guess this question has been asked a million times before, so, my apologies for being ...

Great speaking voice. I'd listen to you narrate

was better than any of the real wind i found!

this sound is terrible



Suave e instigante. Congratulations.

Perfect for what I needed, Thank you!