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Also is there a certain way you want it said?

Currently SEF says in his YouTube channel-description page ...

" If your copyright is being violated and/or you don't want your sounds displayed on this channel, please send me a ...

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Really great splash. Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna use it in my music for the final...!

big thanks

Juan Mata is confident Manchester United will have a successful future under David Moyes, but insists everyone must stick together.

The Red Devils have slipped from champions to seventh in ...

Thank you for this recording. It will be used as an atmospheric toner while reading out loud an introduction to a Master's Thesis (5/5/2014) in a graduation ceremony.

I used to a Youtube video thx!

Would be cool if you'd use my link, too happy

Awesome! I'm making an instrumental slow heavy viking song and will be having this overlayed with some other ocean sounds in the background with some reverb giving it some ambiance. this is perfect, really appreciate your effort smile

well done.

Thank you!

Sounds Great. Ty, So clean

used this in my game.. helpful

How can I download this from iPhone cuz I click
Download and it just plays it for me and even if I
Have it, I don't know where it is saved on my
iPhone because it didn't tell me where to
Save it! Someone please help reply please



I'm using it in a game I am making using FPS Creator. I am going to add you into the credits of the game so don't worry, I'm not going to say it's my own. Thank you again, I hope my game becomes successful.