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Andy you are the man

FoolBoy I adore your sounds! I came on this site to find a soothing noise for a program that I work from home on (it makes 2 sounds, a horrible ringing that I hear in my nightmares, and a loud knocking that makes me jump) I found your bits, and I love them! They make my day so much more pleasant hearing your beautiful sounds when I get a chat, keep it up!! I'm changing my sounds every few days since I can't decide on just one! smile

almost the beginning of Autobahn smile)

Gracias smile


My name is Craig, and I make videos on YouTube where I analyze character designs in popular video games. My channel is very small, but my content gets at ...


Great Job!

nice sound

This is killing me. Where's that elevator music from that I keep hearing in this clip? You can hear it around 3:28 and 5:04. I know it's from the sims or some other game but I can't remember. Anyone?

Great crow sounds!! Sorry that I don't need this file, as I live in Ravensdale, and we have lots of ravens and crows here. Great job, though.

Superb, thanks!

Brilliant! Thanks!

it tacks to long to bigin

thanks !