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I'm about to do the 10th boss of WL3 and I can't go up a ladder to the next part before the boss! WTF?! And just saw a YouTube vid ...

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I used a small snippet of it as background noise for a short news script I wrote.

Well done smile

sound environments project


Nice sound thank you!

thanks! nice worx! smile

Nice. What Class?

A youtube video/

Freakin awesome!

Looking to strike the fear of god into family with home alarm. This will do nicely.

Hello everyone.

I have dabbled in music production since I was young, messing around in FL Studio, Ableton, and Pro Tools.

Long story short, I used the same gun shot ...

Thank you, I'm looking for this audio file!

absolutomo perfect for my time machine power down. Thanks for sharing.

thanks a lot!