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copyc4t wrote:
After you issue any search, look at the upper section in the right column: you'll see a list of licenses under which the corresponding sounds were released, each ...

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i am currently writing an book to screen history fiction and this is a perfect one for in the words part for when main character is being hunted by five people at night... will definitely give you credit on this and if I get the trailer set up i will use this so you can see it..

Hi, I hit download before I read this isn't public domain. I won't use it.

Thanks man. Its AWESOME. The only one that fits every game!

I like it. It's what I needed.

nice smile

Perfect for what I am creating! Thanks!

Amazing man!

great loop my man. using it in some action sequences. Thank you very very much. Great music.

Thank you so much!!! amazing recording. I am going to be using this as a background for teaching Parrots how to talk video!!!

Thank you. I used this for my school play.It's sound is perfect for anounce Croatian king Zvonimir.