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1. record 5-10 seconds of complete silence

2. in audacity select only the 5-10 seconds of silence and go to Effects>Noise Removal

3. Click "Get Noise Profile"

4. select the ...

3119 - Coda

You are probably trying to download the sound from the "search/browse sounds" page. That won't work.
Click on the title of the sound, and when you go to that individual ...

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Fantastic sound! I used it for this short video:

This is Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for

texture like electronic corduroy, great for under voices.

I'm so jealous to people who can play! Great sound!

do you know where i find sth. what sounds like the coat of batman?


Perfect. Thanks.


Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for.

I will use this to my game

Amazing!! yo. perfect. Thank you.

Poor recording