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HAHA! The amount of cliche in this sound is why it is so damn good! Using it in my new song ''Globus''.


Hi prutsik

thanks for the piece, I'm working on a Synthony for my project and I think your piece is original and has unique sounds, I will send you a link to the works when complete, and you ca view it on my site after the 25th of August.


umm. do you let people use this loop. i know this site is for free loops but still. I’m very careful on using people loops. :’

The sound is good.

Amateur game programmer uses which will be good.

Well done! I'm pleased with the high quality of these samples, and the wav format is definitely welcome. I'm surprised you released this into the public domain!


Just wanted to know what a Coyote sounds like.


My DJ name is Karma Control, and I was thinking about starting up a radio show and would like some time of vocal to intro. Something like Hardwell on ...

Amazing, just what I wanted for my animation!

Anyone else can help. Please i need this ASAP

Thanks Again

This is awesome. Thank you so much!

thank you!

perfect! thanks dude.