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New Freesound API!

Hello everyone, we’re happy to announce that today we are officially releasing a new api for Freesound, APIv2! The new api enables developers to make better applications that make use of Freesound content. APIv2 brings many improvements over the previous version such … Continue reading →

Issues with HTTPS

Recently (about a month ago) we have added https to our web server. This was a requirement for the new v2 API, but it also allows us to browse the page securely. You can tell if you are using https … Continue reading →

Experiencing some turbulence

Hi. As you are probably noticing, the site is working intermittently at the moment, with 503 and 504 errors appearing often. We haven’t been able to find the source yet. We’ll update this post as we get a clearer idea … Continue reading →

Pack management improvements

Hi there! we added a small new feature to facilitate the way in which you add and remove sounds from your packs. Say welcome to the “Edit Pack” page! Just like when editing sounds information, you can now click on … Continue reading →

Small new feature

Hi dear Freesounders! today we’ve added a small new feature that should help those of you uploading sounds. We added a new page called “Uploaded sounds awaiting moderation” to make it easier to keep track of the moderation status of your … Continue reading →

Recent Additions

6 more sounds from thebrendanbrown in the last 48 hours
2 more sounds from Fight2FlyPhoto in the last 48 hours
11 more sounds from HarryPeeks in the last 48 hours


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