The typical license for my Freesound samples is CC BY-NC 3.0 which forbids* commercial use ...

If you use my sounds in your project please credit "Timbre" and "Freesound.org".
If possible include a hyperlink or URI/URL in your project to the Freesound you have used.
If my sound is remix of another Freesound please credit the original creator too.

Please don't PM me to ask me to create a "DJ Insert-Name-Here" sample,
instead try posting requests for DJ "drops" and other voice-overs on voice-talent websites

[ * it may be possible to buy a commercial license from me which would permit you to use my sample in a commercial project,
send me a private message
and we can discu$$ term$ ].

BTW Since march 2014 a persistent troll gives my sounds a one-star rating without listening to them.
If you think they deserve a better rating please click on one of the stars ...

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Attempt to remove noise from freesound #13570 by acclivity ... http://www.freesound.org/people/acclivity/sounds/13570/ The noise reduction is a request ... http://www.freesound.org/forum/sample-requests/34914/74002