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hello! I've learned a lot in my years, if you really need to know I'm 40.! don't expect anyone much reads these posts so it doesn't matter. I've also learned what a blog is (I've been reading my friends). Now that I've gained some years every time I think about why I love dance music and how my interest in djing started I think 'no-one ever asked me that". Probably because no-one gives a shit or as above everyone's a DJ.

I started my love of dance music pretty much at the same time as my interest in spinning records. I was old enough to buy the records I wanted like Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman and EMF Unbelievable but not old enough to go into the clubs. I would spend my time standing outside the entry listening to the bits of djing I could hear. I will never forget standing out the front of a club listening to the DMC state finals and dreaming of what they were doing.

Our parents would take us on long boring drives (frustrating as a 16/17 year old thinking you're not a kid anymore. with the 80's boom of the Tape Walkman I had my hands on one around 1988. I didn't mind the long drives I had my own VDJ with the flashing Australian scenery, fences, stobie poles, sheds, big empty paddocks. I had Kylie, INXS, Big Pig, and loads of 60min tapes I'd recorded off the radio. Me and my sister would make remixes with our parents double cassette player (pause and record remember).

My first vinyl was in 1991 when I bought Crystal Waters, cost me $20. My next was Joey Beltram My Sound. I bought these records out of necessity, I'd heard them on the radio and at clubs (I turned 18 that year). My stereo system had two tape decks, a tuner, a record player and no CD player (they weren't cheap then!). the songs I wanted only came on vinyl so I bought them.

I built up a bit of a collection of records and watched from behind the dj's, amazed at how they had the place jumping and THEY had created an atmosphere you could almost touch see and feel when you walked in. They had two turntables going at the same time, but how? I looked into this, watched from all angles.

I bought myself a mixer from a second hand shop, it was a Numark . I had no idea how to use it so I started out using it with two VCR's to make videos with my favourite music on it. I still needed two record players so I borrowed one from my parents. I'd seen the DMC that year so I also put shopping bags cut in circles and pool table felt so i could scratch. It looked dodgy as hell and really pissed off my Papa.

So I had two decks, a mixer, some records and an AUX in on my stereo. I had no pitch control and my hurt your head cheap ass headphones, good to go! After some practice I had some scratches and things worked out and a 'mega-mix' type thing. My parents hated the noise but my sister thought it was great. With some more practice and some tightening up of the set I had myself entered in the DMC comp that year.

Twenty First Birthdays have always been pretty big here. Maybe back in the day the legal drinking age wasn't eighteen. I had two twenty first birthday parties, one for each of my lifestyles. One was for family and workmates, the other for my rave mates. We hired some lights and a smoke machine. Hooked up my pappas amp and fired up a party with some SL1200's. Sis emptied the smoke machine onto Edgecumbe Tce and the fire brigade rolled up, no cops though.

Luckily enough we ran out of smoke juice but the party got rocking in the garage with the black garbage bags keeping what was left of the smoke in. Moby 1000 was played after water from aforementioned smoke machine blew dad's main fuse on the house. He nearly blew his own fuse when some random wandered into the kitchen asking for smokes. Big respect my parents for putting up with my shit back then. Worse thing that happened was Dylan throwing a beer bottle onto the next door neighbors roof.

Played out a few times in the early nineties, mostly DJ comps and rare guest spots, preferred the home party scene. I guess it's always been really simple for me, I collect records I like and try to make em go together. I would love to get that old touch back with scratching but that's gonna take lots of practice. Back in he day I collected tapes too, sets from Nik Fish, Carl Cox, Lenny Dee. Who has a tape player these days? I never owned my own decks until recent days, although the CDJ's were released around 94 I never could afford them (or much else then.

Working for the supermarket gave me just enough dosh to get my tickets, my night out and a record or two. There were no mobile phones or Facebook in those days, if you wanted to meet up with your mates you went to look for them near the speakers, or asked someone where they were. Sometimes we had to use potatoes and highlighters to get through the door as five dollars was too much. We always got in, somehow. Some people I know would even try to dig their way into shows (even though they had tickets!).

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