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    Tag recommendation feedback

    Dear Freesounders,

    as you might know we have been lately working on a tag recommendation system for Freesound. The system we've been working on will suggest potentially meaningful tags when you are describing your uploaded sounds or when you are editing the descriptions of already uploaded sounds. Suggested tags are displayed in a list and can be added to the sounds you're describing.

    The good news is that this system has finally been deployed in Freesound and it is ready to help you adding tags to your sounds!
    Use this forum thread to post your comments, feedback and ideas.

    the freesound team
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    Great news, thanks for info. - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    Sounds excellent smile

    releasetheraven . . .
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    Thanks for the tag recommendation system, it works quite well. The tag suggestions are helpful and let me fill the tags quite fast. Good work guys.

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    Great job on the feature. The tag recs are really useful.

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    I love the feature but I think Field-Recording should already be a automatic suggestion or it should first give suggestions for what tags you use most but also suggest other tags

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