September 2nd, 2012

Hotel do Mar,Sesimbra, Portugal 23-Aug-2012 06:51, recorded with a Zoom H1, internal mic with standard windscreen.

This is one of the sounds I woke up so early to record.
By the entrance to the hotel bar there was a small gong. It was made of brass and about 30cm or slightly over in diameter.
I would not dare playing with it during the day when there was a lot of people around. Plus there would be too much ambient noise to get a useful recording. But at this time there was no one around and it was very quiet. I played the gong at medium level (did not dare going any higher as I did not want to disturb other guests).
Unfortunately there is a bit of noise from the air-conditioning in the hotel corridor.
This version of the sound is as recorded (14dB amplified in Audacity). There is another version where I have applied Audacity's noise reduction in an attempt to remove the air-con background noise.


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16 bit
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