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Well, not much to say about myself, but that I love recording and designing sounds and Freesound is a great place to share what I have worked hard on and get constructive feedback and critique.

I can also potentially provide custom sound design work for your project, depending on how busy I am. Please message me if you are interested and/or would like a quote

Most of my samples here are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. As per the terms of this license, all I require is that you:
a) Attribute my name: CGEffex
b) Provide a notice of copyright (CC BY 3.0)
c) Provide a link my profile:

Additionally, I kindly ask that you:
1. Attribute This is a priority.
2. Send me a message letting me know where you used my sample. (I like to enjoy the use of my samples too, you know!)
3. Upload some sounds yourself! More that half of Freesound users have less that 5 sounds. Make a difference!
4. Tell your friends about the site and help it grow!

New tips and guidelines on my sounds:
1. Preview quality does not ideally reflect the quality of the downloaded file. If a sound does not sound just right, try downloading it before you make a final judgement (Especially on sounds with high bass or harmonic range)
2. When listening and/or working with my samples be sure you have a decent pair of speakers or headphones (I use a pair of Sony MDR-XD200 headphones).

CGEffex's latest sounds