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My sample packs have been used in the creation of;

Hard Riddle - Android Game
Mr Bunting's Modest Adventure - PC game
Minecraft Resource pack - PC mod
Items of Value to a Dying Man - Still image remix

If you do use these, Please tell me so I can showcase your work alongside mine.

Sound Design
I love audio manipulation, It's one of the things that drives my sound design.
I have Designed sound for a short film, abstract animation and game adverts.
I really enjoy working with ultrasonics and time compression/expansion to create sounds.

Sound Recording
Being on set is one of the most diverse and interesting things a sound engineer can do.
I have operated boom for documentaries and behind the scenes videos, i have also recorded a large amount of Foley through the creation of my libraries and post production.

Please find my showreel here;

JarredGibb's latest sounds