April 15th, 2013

The most typical evening sound before sunset you can get in a Dutch spring farmland area. The Northern Lapwing and the Black-tailed Godwit fighting, calling for the best place in the fallow cornfield.

It is nice and calm, just a little wind. Spring id there now for a few days. These birds just came back for far away. In the distance sometimes the noise of a tractor of a farmer fertilizing the soil. Some local traffic sometimes.

The recording starts with the Godwit, calling her Dutch name: grutto-grutto-grutto.
After 13 seconds you here the Lapwings. Just after that you can hear there wing-beat (sounds like turning a cork in a bottle). You can hear that sound more often during this recording. They make the sound when the fly with one shoulder towards the ground (like a fighter-jet making a sharp curve).
In the distance a woodpecker in the trees. Geese are there to. At the end the Lapwings are very close.
All the other sounds are for free ;-)

Weather conditions: wind from SW over N to NE, 0-1 bft, Temperature 16c, High clouds.
Rode NT4 in Rode Blimp > Sony PCM D50 recorder.
Date: April 15th 2013, 7 pm
Location: Gement polder, Rijskampenweg, Vught, Holland (Netherlands)

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