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I'm an audio engineer with a music and production background. My current job entails a lot of situational positioning, so I need background noises and Foley work. Since such compilation CDs are expensive, I hail the efforts of thefreesoundproject and want to help out in my own way.

My contributions are mostly background noise useful for audio (and perhaps video). Currently, I only record in stereo at 16/14.4. I only upload uncompressed WAV or Broadcast WAV. I try to do minimal editing so that the entire file may be plundered for whatever use.

I'm based in Tokyo, so my sounds are only Japanese.

If you have a special request for a Tokyo sound, I may have it or may be able to get it. If you like my sound files, pease leave a comment. If you have suggestions, I'm also interested in hearing them.

markystar's latest sounds