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PLEASE READ FAQ IF YOU USE MY SAMPLES: I love to see my samples and music used in others creations so feel free to send me a link to your project.

If you PM me here, I probably won't even realize you tried to contact me.


I currently use a AT4033 Mic and Emy1616 setup. SOFTWARE: Cubase, Adobe Audition 3, and Sony Vegas 9 for video editing.
MONITORS: KRK Rockit studio monitors set with KRK 10" subwoofer. AGK K240 Studio Headphones.

-=[ FAQ / QUICK VERSION (For the lazy) ]=-
1. TREAT MY SAMPLES AS PUBLIC DOMAIN! Credit is optional, NOT necessary! So stop asking. ;) (Send me a link of it in use instead)
2. If you would like to CONTACT me, I am best reached at the email address below!
3. I am the artist known as Jason Grimm from Boston, MA. in the U.S. I produce electronica and was formerly in punk/hardcore punk bands.
If you need help with a project such as audio for animation or a song for your video, let me know so I can help you collaborate.

-=[ FAQ EXPANDED VERSION (For those in need with the time to read) ]=-
1. No credit is ever needed but appreciated when convenient. You don't have to ask me. I am against the opinion that one should be accredited for every little thing especially when we are sharing and sharing alike. I don't expect people to make a half hour long credit list roll, never be able to make a penny back for their project, or have to pay for extra panels on a CD, for every simple honk and beep sound. It's ridiculous IMO. Especially when most audio artists have HUGE sample libraries and it's virtually impossible to keep track of credit information. My reward is you using my sounds and others sharing with me. Do with them as you wish! Have fun. Share and share alike! I have the reward of being able to say, "hey look this person used my sound! How great!" So send me a link of your finished project! :)

Example: philberts from here, used my car screeches in his great creative mutimedia animation short, "Dude, Where's My Tchotchke?" @
What a great little video and I was lucky to be part of it! I told him no credit for me was needed but he insisted and I told my friends to check it out. :)

2. Jason Grimm e-mail:
*(In the addy, delete the word remove) (This is to prevent spam spiders from picking up my email for spam usage)
3. If you want some of my songs for your videos, (and don't have them) contact me. You are helping me a lot by using them as you are giving me free promotion! Here are some places below where I can be reached and you can listen to some of my music.

monnie101's latest sounds

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Various zipping sounds. Great for cartoon animation vids. USES: Cartoon car driving off. Robot movements. Titles, words, and letters sliding ...

December 14th, 2009