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June 1st, 2012

It's a sound you usually can hear in a horror movie. It makes your blood freeze if it wasn't ice already.

This one is a very long, slowly evolving ambient with some more radical movements in it here and there.

It has medium attack and very long decay. The sound's timbre is similar to what a metal gong could do when hit inside a cathedral.

It's not looped, but you can easily loop it just by ovedubbing the fadeout with a new copy of this sound.

Synthesized with ZynAddSubFX inside LMMS. Rendered as 96kHz/32-bit. Normalized and converted to 24-bit FLAC using Audacity.


PS (2013-04-16):

The sound now has 548 downloads and 5 ratings avaraging 5 stars (thank you!) It's the most popular sound I made so I think It wouldn't hurt to share some bigger piece of information about it.

I made this sound by an accident. I wanted to mimic a thunder bolt. So I created a really, really loud and short impulse of noise*, and then, chained it trough several reverb (Freeverb) effects**. Then I sequenced this piece in LMMS*** using different pitch notes to create the evolution of the ambient over time. Higher notes generate brighter sound, and lower generate darker, more bassy and groundshaking rumbles. I was stunned when I heard the result, as I programmed it all without playing a note until I finished. I'm really happy with the result even though I expected something slightly different :)

*Why loud impulse of white noise? Well It has a wide frequency spectrum and high energy - simulating the quick increace of air pressure in place where thunder burns through atmosphere. Like hitting a drumhead.

**Why several reverbs? I wanted to simulate how the pressure change (the sound, basically) dissolves and softens while travelling through the atmosphere, bouncing off clouds, refracting in air turbulances, etc.

***Linux Multimedia Studio - a free program for creating computer music (I really like making music with it).


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24 bit
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